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A great deal goes into choosing a holster, but one of the most well-known and familiar styles is a belt holster. As the style implies, belt holsters can be easily placed on your belt for a truly secure fit. And Glock Belt Holsters are among the finest. Glock Belt Holsters are often used as duty holsters, of course cops can also select other options. Most of us, when we imagine a traditional holster, visualize belt holsters. They have a long history of proven and versatile use, and Glock has a great reputation of producing exceptionally high quality ones. We love them. The draw you get because of the position and height of a belt holster is very natural and simple to learn. The Glock models displayed right here are among the best in the world, with super strong retention and remarkable aesthetics using the best materials, often including nylon, kydex, and, of course, leather. We offer thousands of holsters for a variety of pistols. If you're sure you want a belt holster but aren't sure which of the options below is best for you, contact us and one of our experts (who have many years of practical experience with just about every types of holsters) will be happy to give you a hand. Good luck in your search for a great Glock Belt Holsters!