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A good pair of golf sunglasses will help you to improve your performance while playing. In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful UV light, golf eyewear will give you a sharper view of smaller details on the course and help eliminate the eye fatigue caused by glare. The true leaders in the golf eyewear market are Ray Ban, Bolle, Serengeti, Wiley X and Vedalo HD, and we have them all. We have a large collection of sunglasses for golfers at all skill levels and within every budget. Whether you're looking for prescription golf sunglasses, polarized golf sunglasses, golf ball finder glasses, golf sunglasses with interchangeable lenses to address changing light conditions, kids golf sunglasses or even a pair of sunglasses for adults, we have the right fit! Recommended lens colors for golf sunglasses are typically amber, brown, cinnamon and green. A pair of Polarized golf sunglasses will help reduce the glare coming off shiny surfaces and has proven helpful when play golfing after rain. Check out below a quick reference guide to learn more about optical features and technology of every style of golf sunglass brand we have to offer.

Golf Sunglasses from Different Brands
Golf Sunglasses Bolle Golf Sunglasses: Bolle's golf lenses are called EagleVision 2 and EagleVision 2 Dark. Both styles are cinnamon lenses that enhance contrast at the green part of the color spectrum, making it easier to see difficult breaks in the green, while reducing annoying glare. Eagle Vision 2 is better for low light conditions (light transmission - 47%) and Eagle Vision 2 Dark is ideal for bright days on the golf course (light transmission - 23%).

Ray-Ban Golf Sunglasses: Ray Ban offers two pairs of sunglasses for golfers: G-15 (dark green) and B-15 (dark brown). In addition to glass lenses, Ray Ban also makes polycarbonate lenses of the same colors, which are known for their excellent optical clarity, scratch resistance, light weight and greater impact resistance. Both glass and polycarbonate lenses are great for golfers.

Serengeti Golf Sunglasses: Serengeti golf sun glasses are offered with Sedona lenses that provide a sharp image in all daylight conditions. Golf enthusiasts prefer Sedona's high-contrast rose colored lens because of its superior ability to block glare. In addition this lens is made from photochromic glass, which allow the lens to adjust to light conditions, darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast condition. The light transmission changes from 24% (light) to 9% (dark). Serengeti Sedona lenses are also available in Rx prescription form, so you can find the style you need, regardless of your visual needs.

Wiley X Golf Sunglasses: Wiley X Light Rust lenses are recommended for golfers. It is ideal for those who are looking for a lighter lens as it features 53.23% light transmission. The Rust Lenses provide contrast enhancement in medium and low light conditions. They also filter blue light waves that are the chief reasons for glare and haze. Many Wiley X glasses come with the Light Rust lens. This lens is available with all Wiley X prescription sunglasses as well.

Vedalo HD Golf sunglasses: VedaloHD golf sunglasses feature a unique sun filtering HDL-3C lens technology. VedaloHD lenses increase visual acuity, depth perception, and color contrast to enhance your golf game from the tee to the green. No matter what part of the lens you look through, you will always see the sweet spot with VedaloHD.

Prescription Golf Sunglasses
Prescription golf sunglasses are also available from our on-line eyewear store. You can choose from Bolle prescription sunglasses, Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses, Serengeti prescription sunglasses and Wiley X prescription sunglasses for golfers.
  • Ray-Ban prescription golf sunglasses: You can get Ray Ban sunglasses with custom Rx prescription lenses at our store. We recommend brown, amber and G-15 Ray Ban prescription lenses for golf.
  • Serengeti golf prescription sunglasses: Serengeti Sedona golf lenses are available in prescription form. You can get these lenses in any frame available in Serengeti prescription sunglasses collection.
  • Bolle prescription golf sunglasses: Bolle Eagle Vision 2 lenses are not available in prescription form, but certain models like Bolle Parole and the popular Bolle Vigilante sunglasses are compatible with a Bolle Vigilante / Parole prescription adapter that can be fitted with rx lenses. You can also order Bolle prescription sunglasses with TLB (true light brown) Rx lenses as brown is one of the lens tints also recommended for golfing.
  • Wiley X prescription golf sunglasses: Take a look at a pair of Wiley X prescription sunglasses with light rust and brown Rx lenses.You will not be disappointed

Golf Sunglasses - High Contrast Golf Lenses, Sunglasses for Golf from Bolle, Serengeti, Wiley X & More

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