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Gould & Goodrich Holsters include a full selection of leather concealment holsters, ankle holsters and more. Gould-Goodrich is well known for their top-quality leather holsters, used by police, military, undercover officers, and other security personnnel around the world. Gould Goodrich holsters are available in numerous configurations, such as concealed-carry holsters, shoulder rigs, and virtually any other holster configuration a police officer or detective might need. If it's a hard-molded duty holster that you need, check out the Gould and Goodrich line of Kydex holsters. Or if you've already gotten your Gould-Goodrich holster and need to add on some additional belt accessories for your gear, take a look at our extensive collection of Gould-Goodrich belt accessories and pouches.

Gould-Goodrich is a leading manufacturer of high-quality police duty equipment. Gould and Goodrich built its reputation for durable, high-performance tactical holsters by providing innovative, top quality leather holsters and other duty gear. Gould holsters are made from only the finest leathers, subject to rigorous inspection. Each holster is carefully crafted and finished by hand, with absolutely no compromises in quality and attention to detail. Gould-Goodrich also makes a full selection of other holsters and accessories from nylon and hard-molded Kydex to suit the needs - and the budget - of anyone who carries a sidearm.

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