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If you have a rifle collection to protect, a full-sized gun cabinet is the ultimate storage solution - and you are in the right place to get one! We are proud to offer gun lockers from a variety of manufacturers, with top quality and at great prices.

Most of our rifle vaults are full-sized floor safes with room to store multiple hunting rifles; some can fit several dozen rifles at once. These are massive, heavy items that are largely secured by their own weight - no thief is likely to drag away a hundred pounds of rifle safe. Even if someone could make off with it, good luck getting inside - all that weight isn't for nothing, and a good rifle safe is virtually impregnable unless you've got the key or combination. You will need to have some free floor space in your home to store a rifle safe; however, if you have the room, these massive safes can be a one-stop solution for secure storage needs. Cannon Gun Safes are some of the finest full-sized rifle safes available, with elegant looks and top-of-the-line protection. If budget is a primary consideration, there are a variety of very affordable options in the Homak Rifle Safes line. It's hard to go wrong - there are many good choices for full-sized rifle safes with generous space and lots of storage and access options.

If you're a serious gun collector or hunter, you should have a rifle safe to house your guns. If you're looking for smaller sized storage solutions for a pistol or revolver, check out the huge assortment of other gun safes on sale here!

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