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Invisible threats can be just as harmful as those obvious to the naked eye, and it is even more important to remember this at the shooting range. We have a great number of safety glasses that protect against flying objects as well as invisible UV Rays, but you need to protect your ears as well as your eyes. With this in mind we offer these great Hearing Protection Options. Much like a pair of shooting glasses will protect your eyesight, your hearing will be saved by a headset that minimizes the effects of the loud reports from a gun. The endless repetitions of these loud noises can have a harmful and lasting effect to your hearing, so make sure you have earplugs, earmuffs or one of our hearing protection headsets when at the range or on hunting grounds. You'll be glad you kept the decibels to safe levels. The hearing protection headsets from Peltor, Browning, Pro-Ears and Champion are some of the best in the world, so you can trust your ear health to them.

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