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The best thermal imaging equipment on the net! Featuring thermal imaging cameras, infrared cameras and thermal weapon sights by FLIR thermal imaging, ATN Thermal Imaging and Thermal Eye Imaging. Our thermal imaging products are the latest in search and rescue technology. We supply these thermal devices to the military, search & rescue teams, and fire & law enforcement departments. Unlike night vision devices that rely on amplification of light, heatseekers and thermal imagers rely on detection of human and animal heat. Our thermal imaging equipment is used in a wide array of applications, such as in military scouting or detecting heat loss in buildings.The technology of thermal imaging has been around for some time and is used to display the relative heat levels of a given target area. This thermal technology is especially useful during night time applications, where one needs to find an individual or an animal. Thermal imaging technology is often used in thermal security cameras, in order to detect intruders. If you have any questions about our thermal imaging devices & equipment, call OpticsPlanet today!

Most Affordable Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging products are among the most affordable professional thermal imaging heat sensors used in locating lost children, pets and livestock. They are also used by hunters to help find injured, hiding, or downed game, by property owners to detect thermal losses in a home or business, or to find hot spots in equipment, and many other applications where detecting heat or differences in heat levels is important.

L3 Thermal Imagers

L3 Thermal Eye Imagers provide exceptional see-in-the-dark capability as well as the ability to "see" thermal signatures in any light condition! Heavy rain, fog and other obscurants dramatically degrade photonic vision, but Raytheon Thermal Imagers provide usable thermal imagery under almost every natural and man-made obscurant - day or night. L3 Thermal Imaging detect temperature differences by emitting infrared (IR) energy (heat) at differing rates and then displays them as a picture of the viewed scene. The Thermal-Eye X100xp Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera is the most affordable thermal imaging cameras designed for public safety departments, law enforcement professionals and military use. Setting the standard for durability and compactness in thermal imaging cameras, the L3 X100-xp is an ideal addition to any department's arsenal and has been battle-tested by the US Military. Our best selling Thermal-Eye X200xp by L3 is the world's smallest handheld IR thermal imaging camera. L3 Thermal Eye X200xp camera is rugged, durable, incorporates the industry's leading IR imaging technology, and offers unmatched value at a very affordable price. L3's Thermal-Eye 250D75 and Thermal-Eye 250D50 are also available.

Thermal Imaging

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