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Opticsplanet is proud to include Horus Vision Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes, and Scope Accessories to our website. Horus Vision started out simply wanting to see how far we can shoot a firearm while maintaining a high degree of accuracy with a rifle scope or spotting scope, but without increasing the amount of manual scope manipulation and mental calculations. Soon, Horus Vision 's passion for precision shooting pushed them toward groundbreaking advanced technologies and designs that would ensure shooting range accuracy at any distance. Horus Vision wanted to give the serious sniper shooter a reliable system that would radically boost target range and make success consistent. So Horus Vision developed the Horus Vision System 5, the only complete target system specifically designed to bring precise aiming control to today's field shooter. Combining revolutionary scope reticle advancement with dedicated pocket pc targeting software, the Horus Vision System 5 eliminates guesswork and delay once and for all.

In the meantime we have an extensive assortment of riflescopes and spotting scopes from brands such as