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Howard Leight brings safety to the places where you need it most. And this doesn't just refer to the activity, but also the most sensitive and unprotected parts of your body. Small amounts of damage, over time, can have a rather dramatic impact on your eyes and ears. This damage can come in a number of forms, and because of the nature of the injury you may not realize just how much vision or hearing you've lost before it's too late. Howard Leight understands this, which is why they have developed safety equipment that protects from the big, obvious dangers such as flying shrapnel at the shooting range as well as the less obvious threats such as harmful UV rays as well as dust and dirt that may get in your eyes when active. Safety Glasses are an absolute necessity for keeping both the big and little injuries from occurring. The dangers to your ears are more difficult to notice and may, over time, lead to permanent hearing loss. Howard Leight Hearing Protection will keep your hearing at optimal levels, whether at a construction site or the shooting range. Don't let your eyes or ears go unprotected, and if you're an employer don't let your employees go unprotected. Invest in the quality protective gear by Howard Leight and you'll keep safe.

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