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  • Knives

1. Introduction to Pocket Knives


Pocket knives, and knives in general, are the most important every day tool. Whether for cutting fruit or saving lives, pocket knives are indispensible and should be chosen based on cutting tasks that you expect to do on a daily basis.

But there are so many choices of pocket knives! What type of a blade do you need? What length of blade is good for your application? What is the difference between all of the handle materials? What is the difference in blade steel? When you start looking at all of the brands and models, you can get lost and end up with a knife that doesn't suit your needs.

In this guide I'll tell you about:

  • Pocket Knife Types
  • Blade Length Considerations
  • Blade Edge Types and Styles
  • Steel Used to Make Blades
  • Locking Mechanisms for Folding Knives
  • Various Handle Materials
  • Pocket Clips on Folding Knives
  • Pocket Knife Price Points

To start, think about what kind of cutting you will be doing and keep it in mind as you read on. There are two types of cuts - push cuts and pull cuts. The first is when you push a knife through an object to make a cut, such as slicing a fruit or a vegetable in half. The second is when you have to pull the knife through to finish the separation, such as cutting rope or cutting bread. A paramedic may find themselves doing more of a pull cut, while a handyman uses both due to the variety of tasks at hand. Keeping this in mind helps you narrow down your options of choosing the best pocket knife for your everyday purposes.

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