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Digital Camera 101


While salesmen at some other stores will ask you "What is your digital camera budget?" or "How much you want to spend?", we at always start with "For what purpose are you using the digital camera?" The digital camera industry is constantly advancing, and all major Digital Camera Manufactures are forced to come up with new digital camera models every 4 to 6 months. "How can we make people buy new digital cameras more often?" and "How can we make people spend more on digital cameras or flash memory?" are the questions that camera manufacturers ask themselves everyday. As a camera retailer, we are always happy to sell you the latest and greatest digital cameras or digital camera binoculars, but we also want you to get what you really need by making an educated decision in your digital camera selection. We could write a 500-page book on how to buy a digital camera, but we will try to condense the knowledge to a few pages and give you a few major pointers. We are here to help if you need any additional help!


Digital Camera Brand is often a matter of personal preference and all digital camera reviews reflect that. All brands that we offer are major optical brands that have been in the business for a long time and stand behind the products.

Types of Digital Cameras

As much as we absolutely love Digital SLR cameras, there should be a very good reason why you might need one. We always advise our customers to go for a point-and-shoot digital camera because they are much easier to use and already have 99.99% of the features that most amateur photographers will ever need. That said, there are some good reason why you might need a Digital SLR Camera Let us try to list these good reasons:

  • You are a Pro, and you do not need to read the rest of the page.
  • You are interested in astrophotography or microphotography, and you need a digital camera to connect a telescope or microscope. While there are now dozens of digital camera adapters available for point-n-shoot digital cameras, correct mounts for SLR cameras are more readily available, and using the optics of your telescope or microscope should give better image quality than having to deal with a combination of eyepieces and camera objectives/lenses.
  • You already have a nice set of SLR lenses and accessories from your film SLR camera, and you want to re-use your lenses.
  • You want to have full control over the way you take pictures and you're are not afraid to mess with the options. You need to be a true photography enthusiast and not be afraid to read a camera manual.
  • You want to have the latest, greatest, most advanced and most expensive camera available on the market today, and all you care is the get a great deal from a reputable Authorized US Dealer. Well, we at love customers like that, but we still suggest to think and see if there is something else besides bragging rights that you need in your digital camera.


Digital Camera Usability or User interface is a matter of preference as well, and to be honest, all of the point-and-shoot digital cameras that we sell are easy to use and connect to the computer. All of them come with image editing software, and toll-free technical support from the manufacturer. If you are in trouble, you are a phone call away from getting help. Hold time varies, but customers have not had any major issues with any of the manufacturers we carry. Our digital camera manufacturers stand behind the products - they want you to come back for when you upgrade, and the brand is a major factor for many consumers.

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