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Introduction into Selecting a Fishing Reel


Weather you have just entered the sport of fishing or a seasoned angler with more trophies in the photo books than most people could dream of. You must understand the importance and essentialism of using the correct reel. Using the right tool for any job is required for one to be successful and you shouldn't always run out and buy whatever all the pros are using on Television. Marketers are paid to get you to buy the next greatest thing and the guys on the fishing show work for the marketers! So go with what's going to work not what reel is paying for some guy's Bass boat!

Things to consider

Let's get our lines and feet wet and jump into the topic of fishing reels, which have been used around the waters of the world for longer than any of us have been walking the earth. If you are new to fishing or have some experience this how to guide will help you determine what to put on that rod for your next fishing adventure without getting to technical. Some things that you are going to want to take into consideration immediately are going to be the parts of the reel, looking at ball bearing and gear ratios, also line capacity, and finally which reel is best suited to use for different fishing styles. A huge and very important key element to also keep in mind is that freshwater reels and saltwater reels require different gear.

Comfort Level and Cost

Fishing Reel

When deciding on a fishing reel you should always consider what it is you are most comfortable with and what has maybe worked for you in the past. Being comfortable with the equipment you are using builds self-confidence and promotes further skill development. Therefore the more comfortable you are with a particular reel design the more likely you will be to progress with learning new skills.

For complete entry level anglers should know the lower the amount of ball bearings and the less complicated the gear ratio and reel design the cheaper the reel will be. There is no reason that any angler cannot find a very good quality reel to meet all their angling needs for under 100$. Yes there are the great and wonderful reels out there that look as good as they operate but for 100$ or less I can guarantee you can find a reel to fit your fishing style or preference that will last for a very long time. More times than not the decision will come down to the two styles most frequently used which the spinning reel and the baitcasting reel.

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