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Fishing Rods 101


Sudden trip to the lake? Camping this weekend? Fishing the open seas? Need to know what to buy right away? Well here is a quick how-to guide, describing what rod to look for so you can get your line in the water and land that fish!

So what do you need to land that mysterious beast from the deep tugging on the end of your line? With a basic understanding of rod types, rod construction, and actions you will be ready when that line goes straight!

Action ranges and target species:
  • Ultra-Light = Crappie, bait, most small fish
  • Light = pan fish, bluegill, sunfish, Jacks, Drums
  • Medium Light = Bass, Walleye, Trout
  • Medium =Bass, Catfish, Redfish
  • Medium-Heavy = Pike, Musky, Snook, Salmon
  • Heavy = Tuna, Sturgeon, Salmon, Tarpon
  • Extra-Heavy = Sailfish, Shark, Tuna, Halibut

One of the first few things to take into consideration needs to be 1.)What species of fish are you targeting? 2.) How or where will you be fishing? Rod length, action, and power, should all be considered for each species and method of fishing. If you will be fishing from a boat with plenty of deck space, rod length is not really going to be an issue. If you are walking through the woods, or working down a river bank, length and multi-piece rods are elements to consider


Fishing Rod Length And Action

Action of Fishing Rods

Action and length go hand in hand. The shorter rods are typically ultra-light, to light action, and bend throughout the better part of the entire pole. These shorter, lighter, rods are designed to catch smaller fish such as pan fish, where a hard hook-set is not always desired.

The smaller the rod the smaller or lighter the line pound test is going to be. For instance a 5ft fishing pole, might be rated for line only up to 5lbs, limiting the size of the fish that can be successfully landed.

Action, can be described as how much the rod bends (deflects) when pressure is applied to the tip. There are multiple action rods built for every type of fish. The bend in the rod, or the action in the rod changes as the size of the rod changes.

Action is basically the reaction that the fishing pole is going to have from a fish strike, and how it handles the movement from a bait or lure.

Construction Of Fishing Rods

fishing rod construction

Length of a fishing rod as mentioned previously, is a crucial element to the rod selection process. A 10ft fishing rod that's made of one piece construction is going to be a real problem if you have to walk through the woods to your favorite fishing hole. At the same time that 10ft rod is going to be near impossible to cast if the surrounding area is dense with trees.

Solid piece construction is best for feel but not for transportation and storage. The size of your automobile and or boat, needs to be evaluated. A 7 foot pole of solid 1 piece construction is not going to fit in the back of a car. At the same time even larger rods on large fishing boats take up lots of deck space, and require lots of strength to maneuver.

For the ultimate storage and travel ready fishing poles look at some of the Telescopic rods that extend out to full size fishing rods!

When deciding on construction types it is absolutely necessary to keep in mind the storage, and transportation that might be associated with your style of fishing. Tools are made to make your life easier not harder, so put some consideration into your individual needs!

Power/Strength-Materials Fiberglass And Graphite Fishing Rods

Power comes down to the brute forces that the pole can stand to handle. Many factors come into this equation such as materials, and size of the rod. Today's poles are made up of many different materials in a constant battle for the best feel and therefore best rod.

Some of the best fishing poles on the market are construed through a combination of both graphite, and fiberglass. In an effort to be the best companies are always looking for the next new material or combination of materials that every angler will love.

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