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  • Fishing Rods

1. Introduction to Fishing Rods

Sudden trip to the lake? Camping this weekend? Fishing the open seas? Need to know what to buy right away? Well here is a quick how-to guide, describing what rod to look for so you can get your line in the water and land that fish!

So what do you need to land that mysterious beast from the deep tugging on the end of your line? With a basic understanding of rod types, rod construction, and actions you will be ready when that line goes straight!

Action ranges and target species:
  • Ultra-Light = Crappie, bait, most small fish
  • Light = pan fish, bluegill, sunfish, Jacks, Drums
  • Medium Light = Bass, Walleye, Trout
  • Medium =Bass, Catfish, Redfish
  • Medium-Heavy = Pike, Musky, Snook, Salmon
  • Heavy = Tuna, Sturgeon, Salmon, Tarpon
  • Extra-Heavy = Sailfish, Shark, Tuna, Halibut
How to Choose a Fishing Rod