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How to Buy Rx Glasses Online


OpticsPlanet is the leading online provider of 100% Authentic prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and rx inserts from top industry brands such as Bolle, Serengeti, Body Specs, Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses & Goggles and many others. We have written this How-To Guide to help you better understand the important questions you should know about before buying prescription sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses online.

If you have any questions and would like to talk with a customer service representative please e-mail us, or give us a call at (800) 504-5897.

Understanding/Reading Your Prescription

Understanding your prescription and what everything means can be very confusing. There are many different aspects that have to be taken into account for each prescription type. To better understand these aspects further and to gain a basic knowledge on popular prescription abbreviations take a look at our How To Read Your Prescription Guide.

Pupil Distance

Some prescriptions contain more than one pupil distance (PD). In some cases two PD is due to different measures for the right eye (OD PD) and the left eye (OS PD). Another reason for more than one pupil distance is the need to correct both distance and near vision. In this case your prescription will state either PD near or PD dist. Please contact your optician and decide whether you require progressive/bifocals or single vision eyewear. Make sure to enter extra PD information in the comment section and contact us if you should require any farther assistance.

In order to get prescription sunglasses you must have the correct PD, and it should be a number in millimeters normally between 54 to 70 for adults and 41 to 55 for kids. Contact us if your adult PD is below 50 or above 70. Please remember prescription goggles / prescription sunglasses / RX adapters orders will NOT be processed without a PD.

Bi-Focal or Progressive Lenses

If you need bi-focals/progressives make sure to include Segment Height. Segment height is a must for all bi-focal sunglasses or progressive lenses. You need to have exact frame in order for your optometrist or optician to take correct measurements of segment height. We have introduced a Prescription Eyewear Trial Program, which allows you to try the frame first. Please take a look at our Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program page for more details.

Prescription Outside of the Prescription Range

If you have a unique prescription that does not apply with a lot of frame types, you may be wondering how you are able to purchase eyewear. Our answer to your problem is We have worked with all eye glass frames manufacturers to come up with recommendations for Rx-able frames that can accommodate strong and extreme prescription lenses. Here is a list of prescription frames powerful enough to accommodate high power RX:

We can even offer you swimming goggles that can accept high eye prescription. Prescription Swimming Goggles are now available through OpticsPlanet that can take sph +/- 12.00 and cylinder up to 4.00!

Prescription Lenses

Our labs use brand new frames only supplied by the manufacturer to go with our prescription lenses. We cannot insert rx lenses into existing customer frames. Lenses also cannot be separated from lens installation. Prescription lenses must be purchased and installed by the same company. So you will not be able to purchase rx lenses and have them installed by a local optician.

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