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  • First aid kits
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1. First Aid Kits and Survival Packs


Whether you're planning a hunting trip, hiking expedition or family camping vacation, you need to make certain you're prepared for the worst by putting together a first aid kit and survival pack. Even when at home or driving in your car you should have the right supplies close at hand so you're ready in case of emergency.

Most of this article covers general first aid and survival kits, but at the bottom of the page we have three videos on specific types of Preparation Kits you can put together for Hurricane Survival, Blizzard Survival or Epic Event Survival.

Stanley Personal Protection Large First Aid Kit Stanley Personal Protection First Aid Kit

Let's start with the essentials of a first aid kit. It used to be that initial treatment followed the ABCs. You first check the airway (A). You have to make sure the mouth and throat is clear and capable of getting air to the lungs. Next is breathing (B). Check to see if the person is breathing, and if necessary assist in breathing. Third is circulation (C). Make sure the heart is beating.

But things have changed. On the battlefield the number one killer is bleeding out, and Exsanguination has been added first. So you should stop bleeding first.

The purpose of this guide is not to build a full medical kit for field doctors. This is about general first aid for injuries you're likely to come across when hunting or hiking, but that doesn't mean you should ignore the process that experienced medics use.

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