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1. Why you Should Wear Eye Protection

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An experienced shooter can tell you about the importance of wearing quality shooting glasses or shooting goggles any time you're handling a firearm. Whether you're at the shooting range, hunting, or on the battlefield you're going to want to be sure you have proper eye protection. In recent years it has also become common for eye injuries to occur when playing sports such as paintball or any other high impact activities. Make sure to consider what you're doing when selecting your shooting glasses. Do you need side protection? Might bullets, shrapnel or paintballs be flying toward you from multiple angles? How bright will the conditions be? Are you wearing a helmet or night vision device that your shooting goggles will need to accommodate?

And remember to consider worst case scenarios. A pierced primer may shoot debris back at your eye from your slide or receiver. Without the proper safety eyewear for shooting you may soon be sporting an eye patch. If you don't want to wear protective eyewear, remember that an eye patch only looks cool on pirates.

In addition to spent brass, shrapnel and other airborne hazards you may also have to contend with dust, dirt and other small particles that can cloud your vision. If you are temporarily blinded by dust you become not only a danger to yourself, but also those around you. Keeping your eyes clear and protected is an essential part of gun safety and should never be neglected.

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