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Human Touch brings you massage chairs and massagers that let your worries and stresses float away in a sea of comfort. Settle back in a recliner chair from Human Touch and let the soothing robotic massage chair system relax and invigorate your tired muscles with a full-body therapeutic massage. Human Touch brings you your own personal masseuse with its HT Massage Chair and iJoy Massage Chair lines. Founded in 1987, Human Touch specializes in your personal comfort, and has become the #1 massage chair supplier in the USA. Customization, indulgent comfort, and timeless good looks are inherent in every Human Touch Massage Chair.

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Human Touch has developed a constant stream of innovations in their line of robotic massager chairs. Each Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair features the Quad Roller massage system, designed to emulate the techniques used by trained professional massage therapists. Four massage rollers move in three dimensions to match the curvature of your back, using a series of different back massage techniques such as kneading, percussion, rolling, compression and more. Every massager chair comes pre-loaded with a series of 15-minute massage programs, customized to target different muscle groups and areas of the back. Optional additions include calf and foot massagers for the lower legs, seat massagers, lower back heaters, and more. Human Touch massaging chairs come in a variety of finishes including natural leather and synthetic leathers.

Human Touch also produces a variety of massage and wellness products besides their signature massage chairs. Human Touch relaxation furniture includes a line of Zero Gravity Chairs, which recline to nearly horizontal. Human Touch Zero-G Chairs distribute your weight evenly to achieve the feeling of weightlessness. Human Touch massagers are hand-held versions of their sophisticated massage chair technology, letting you reach aching back muscles for targeted massage treatment. Human Touch also makes ergonomic exercise machines like the iJoy Ride and the iJoy Board, balance fitness machines designed to give you an invigorating low-impact workout. Choose Human Touch and Feel Better!