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HAMMAKA Intimate Living Gifts, Hammocks, Air Chair Stands, Sky Chair Tripods are quite simply one of the most comfortable hanging chairs on the planet. Their unique, carefully crafted style cradles the body perfectly, providing unparalleled comfort and relaxation and any one of Hammaka Hammocks will make a great gift. The Hammaka chair hangs easily from a single point, on a porch, by a pool, a campsire, from a tree, or in an office or dorm room. It is incredibly versatile hammock chair and can he hung anywhere your imagination can meander.

The Hammaka Hammock is the finest in quality parachute silk hammocks. It measures over eight feet long and six feet wide and can hang anywhere there are two upright objects capable of supporting your weight. It is ideal for one or two person use, for birdwatching, star viewing, nature viewing and sleeping. All Hammaka hammocks can be hung from a hammock stand or can be converted into a hammock swing using the Hammaka stands we at Opticsplanet sell.
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