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JOBY Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women, Charcoal JB01258-BAM
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JOBY Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women Product Info

The JOBY Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women is ergonomically optimized and designed specifically for women, and made to be comfortable, even after hours in the field. Just like JOBY revolutionized camera tripods, they then set out to transform camera straps. To replace the limp piece of cloth and foam hanging off your camera, JOBY presents a dynamic and innovative camera strap that makes your photography comfortable, quick and much more fun. Start to finish, the Joby UltraFit Camera Sling Strap for Women is pure JOBY design and innovation. After talking with photographers and testing every camera strap on the market, JOBY discovered that no one designed a strap to work with your curves. Your camera strap should let you quickly and securely place your camera wherever it feels the most comfortable on your body. Uncomfortable is so last season! The JOBY UltraFit Sling Strap for Women prevents the common comfort problems you face - so you don't have to suffer during a shoot. The JOBY UltraFit Sling Women's Camera Strap will fit great, whatever your body type. The length and width of the strap pad, the length of the webbing, the size and placement of the pivot ring - each is optimized for a woman's body. The camera strap conforms to the shape of your body instead of just lying flatly across it. You have curves - JOBY gets that. In fact, the UltraFit Sling Strap embraces it. There are just moments between you and the perfect shot. But, a lot of the time you spend shooting isn't with your camera at your face. JOBY has designed a camera strap that not only helps you capture fleeting moments, but also makes your downtime more enjoyable with your camera always at hand, but also hands free.

The JOBY UltraFit Sling Camera Strap for Women dynamically adjusts in just seconds with a simple pull, unlike any other camera strap. To cinch it close to your body, pull your camera and the circular chest pivot ring in opposite directions. Lock the strap in cinched position for added security when moving around or in crowded places. To return to shooting mode, unlock the strap, grab your camera by it's grip and draw it forward. The strap fluidly extends to arm's length.

JOBY JB01258-BAM: Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women, Charcoal

Features of JOBY Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women:

  • S-Curve Shaped Pad for Comfort - A curved pad prevents the strap cutting uncomfortably across your chest UltraFit.
  • Layered-Pad Technology evenly distributes the weight of your camera across strongest shoulder muscles, protecting tender neck muscles from strain.
  • Pivot Ring for a Perfect Fit - A custom-designed pivot ring allows the strap to curve around your chest, making it much more comfortable than camera straps designed for men.
  • Innovative Heat Press Binding Technique means there are no loose threads or abrasive points on our strap. Plus, soft-edged webbing contours to your body.
  • Lightning Fast SpeedCinch System - in one fluid movement, the UltraFit Sling Strap extends from cinched to shooting and back again.
  • SpeedCinch System for Safety - Cinch your camera tight against your body to prevent swinging, bumping or accidental drops
  • Lock for Security - Lock the strap in cinched position for added security in crowded places or during active movement
  • Bearing for Mobility & Stability - A greased bearing inside the attachment mechanism allows your camera to spin and rotate without unscrewing from the strap
  • Stainless Steel 1/4-20" Thumbscrew - Strap easily and securely attaches to your camera
  • Fiberglass-Reinforced Hardware - is as strong and dependable as metal parts, yet still super lightweight.

Package Contents:

  • JOBY Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women

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