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John Galliano bifocal eyeglasses bring a flair for adventure to your standard vision correcting eyeglasses. Bifocals don't have to relegate you to stick-in-the-mud status; John Galliano has combined the world of high fashion with the science of vision correction with these attractive pairs of prescription eyeglasses. Galliano bifocals haven't been around for very long; the designer's first line of frames came out in 2011, and already they have impressed glasses-wearers with their modern styles and innovative takes on classic designs. Bifocal glasses allow you to switch lenses simply by angling your vision downward, enabling you to read close-up text and retain your long-range vision at the same time, but Galliano has taken these traditional prescription glasses to the next level. As with John Galliano sunglasses, John Galliano bifocals are inspired by the heroes of the media, people like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant, and then designed with John Galliano's own individual spin. The result is an iconic set of idiosyncratic frames that can define your personal style. From new perspectives on old ideas to completely modern glasses frames, John Galliano bifocal glasses can help you see and be seen with superb reading vision.