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John Galliano bifocal sunglasses combine the visionary high fashion world of John Galliano with practical vision care. Bifocal glasses are a helpful vision correction tool for those who need reading glasses but don't want to sacrifice their normal vision, and bifocal sunglasses take this versatility and add UV protection to the mix. Romance and adventure combine with stellar close-range reading ability in John Galliano bifocal shades, which take their cues from movie stars and romantic icons of past and present to create useful, fashionable sunglasses for the discerning consumer. John Galliano has a history of pulling in diverse influences to create his products, and these prescription sunglasses are no different. These Galliano sunglasses are available in different styles for men and women and come in several variations, each designed to suit your personal lifestyle. Choose from glamorous wrap-around sunglasses, pink gradient ladies' lenses, or classic masculine aviators for that rugged look. However you see yourself, Galliano bifocal sunglasses can help you fit your own mold while correcting both your close and long-range vision issues.