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John Galliano eyeglass frames are the heart and soul of all Galliano eyewear, whether they're sunglasses or prescription glasses. Drawing on a range of classic and modern influences, John Galliano eyewear has created these stunning, stylish, and sometimes startling frames for people who want to make a statement. These glasses frames are at once idiosyncratic and romantic, fusing the styles of Cary Grant and Joan Crawford into several elegant constructions of plastic, glass, and metal. Galliano frames are exquisitely crafted to add character and beauty to any face, no matter what type of lens you're using. Prescription glasses gain a touch of flare with these eyeglass frames, lending a touch of refinement with their strong lines and graceful curves. Ignite your imagination and improve your eyesight with a pair of John Galliano glasses frames, on sale at our online store below.