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John Galliano progressive eyeglasses were designed to be fashionable as well as practical. Progressive lens glasses are a relatively new advance in the field of vision correction that provides the wearer with bifocal power while removing the line that separates the lenses in bifocal glasses. The effect is especially emphasized when you're wearing a pair of John Galliano prescription glasses. Galliano glasses frames are iconic and idiosyncratic, each one at once a homage to Hollywood icons of the past and a look at what the Hollywood icons of the future will be wearing. Progressive glasses by Galliano provide stellar reading and distance vision correction, all encased in a set of face-enhancing glasses frames. John Galliano eyewear takes pride in its multi-faceted lines of glasses, and wearers of progressive lens glasses aren't excluded from wearing Galliano's stylish frames. For a sharp pair of glasses that won't betray your need for bifocals, purchase a pair of John Galliano progressive lens glasses.

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