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Julbo Revolution Goggles, Black/Orange w/Snow Tiger Double Cylindrical Lenses And A Multilayer Fire Flash Treatment 71873144
Lens Color: Black/Orange w/Snow Tiger
Code: J9-GG-REVOLUTION-71873144
MPN: J71873144
UPC: 3660576251908
Julbo Revolution Goggles, Black w/Zebra Light Double Cylindrical Lenses And A Light Gold Flash Treatment 71831143
Lens Color: Zebra
Code: J9-GG-REVOLUTION-71831143
MPN: J71831143
Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles - Black Frame, Zebra Lens 71831141
Lens Color: Zebra
Code: J9-GG-REVOLUTION-71831141
MPN: 71831141
UPC: 3660576006188

Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles Product Info

Julbo Revolution Goggles w/ Double Cylindrical Lenses are the most versatile goggles on the planet. From hitting the mountain at daybreak to getting that last run before sunset, the Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles can handle a challenging range of light conditions. These Julbo Goggles sport photochromic lenses that range from Level 2 to Level 4 protection within seconds. The goggle lenses feature a yellow tint, with a lifetime anti-fog coating.

Julbo Revolution Winter Goggles are available with the Julbo Camel Lens, a Polarizing + Photochromic lens. 2 perfectly mastered and highly reliable specific technologies. The Camel lens offers evolving protection, darkens and lightens according to the intensity of the light, provides anti-dazzle protection and high definition vision. The lens will transition from a Category 2 for low light below the treeline, up to a Category 4 for intense light above the treeline and on glaciers. The anti-fog coating is ideal for active sports. Contrasts, light, dazzle, colours, etc. – Camel goggles meet all needs.

Julbo ski goggles are made for on-snow sports including skiing, snowboard, riding and mountaineering. The Julbo brand is built from a rich history in alpine-mountaineering, high-altitude and glacier exploration optics. Long at the forefront of optical and action sports equipment, Julbo eyewear can take you to new heights, too. Julbo snow goggles are made to provide full eye protection in howling wind and snow. Count on Julbo eye gear to keep you performing at your peak, even when the weather isn't cooperating. We carry a full selection of Julbo Winter Sports Goggles, all on sale at great prices!

Julbo 71831143: Revolution Goggles, Black w/Zebra Light Double Cylindrical Lenses And A Light Gold Flash Treatment
Julbo 71831141: Revolution Goggles - Black Frame, Zebra Lens
Julbo 71873144: Revolution Goggles, Black/Orange w/Snow Tiger Double Cylindrical Lenses And A Multilayer Fire Flash Treatment

Features of Julbo Revolution Snow Goggles w/ Photochromic Lens:

  • Photochromic light-adjusting lenses
  • 100% UV protection

Package Contents:

  • Julbo Revolution Photo-Chromic Ski Goggles

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Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review the best one by Legacy Reviewer, March 4, 2012
i got it this winter. this is really nice and comfortable to wear it. HIghly recomment to everyone.
0/1 found this helpful
Most Recent Review very satisfied by Legacy Reviewer, January 18, 2011
very satisfied, would highly reccomend
0/3 found this helpful
Most Recent Review Great goggles - DON'T BUY FROM OPTICS PLANET by Legacy Reviewer, January 9, 2010
The quality and features of the Julbo Revolution Zebra Antifog Lens Goggles I purchased from OPTICS PLANET is eclipsed by their poor customer service. Purchased as a "Buy-It-Now" item on ebay where they listed "More than 10 available" I was informed...
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