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Julbo Sunglasses are made for extreme performance in extreme environments. We are proud to carry an impressive selection of Julbo USA Sunglasses. From mountaineering and skiing to trail running and mountain biking, Julbo Sunglasses are right there with you. But Julbo Eyewear isn't just for extreme sports. There's a line of Julbo Sun Glasses for almost any purpose you can imagine: travel, marine use, fashion, and simple eye protection and comfort. Julbo looks after the kids, too, with a full line of durable childrens sunglasses and even Julbo Looping Sunglasses to protect the fragile eyes of infants, babies and toddlers.

To give athletes the best possible eyewear solutions, Julbo has developed a lens for each type of activity. Across every type of Julbo Glasses, a range of sophisticated technologies are used to create comfortable viewing and solid protection for your eyes. Already a leader in the outdoor and nautical markets, Julbo has responded to developments in trail running and mountain biking with the creation of specific, technical sunglasses and other optical products to meet the demands of these sports, including Julbo Glacier Sunglasses, Julbo Polarized Sunglasses, Julbo Micropore Sunglasses and more. Click below to learn more about the advanced technology that goes into Julbo Sunglasses.

Learn about Julbo Sunglass Lens Materials

Julbo Lens Materials

Julbo is an expert in action sport optics, and understands the eye protection demands of athlete who perform in the most extreme conditions in the world. Julbo is an innovator in lens technology. All Julbo lenses are Optical Category 1, guaranteeing 100% UV protection against UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C radiation. Julbo USA utilizes the most technical materials available in its products, including NXT, Glass, and Polycarbonate.

  • NXT Lenses: This high technology lens possesses the optimum qualities for a plastic lens, thanks to a mineral-type manufacturing technique (poured at a very low temperature.) Its transparency and stability over time are exceptions - no cracking here! It is ultra-light, unbreakable and solvent-0proof. In addition, NXT enables pigments and films to be incorporated into the material (not just as a surface treatment), including light-sensitive treatments.
  • Glass Lenses: Glass sunglass lenses are of superior optical quality, and highly resistant to scratches and bumps. These lenses are ideal for the desert and high altitudes, and places with bright sun. The various lens treatments (anti-reflection, flash, active darkening) allow them to eliminate parasite reflections and reinforce filtering.
  • Spectron Polycarbonate Lens: A light-weight plastic lens with excellent shock resistance, polycarbonate is the standard for safety lenses. This versatile lens is suitable for all types of sports activities.
Learn about Julbo Sunglass NXT Lens Technology

Julbo NXT Lenses

Julbo, together with NXT technology, has developed a cutting-edge range of lens tints and technologies. Julbo's NXT lenses offer high definition vision, superior optical quality and optimum transparency. Light and unbreakable, they also display lasting strength and resistance to solvents. Developed by the US Army for helicopter windscreens and for Formula 1 helmet visors, NXT has optimum organic qualities with the advantages of a mineral type manufacturing technique: very low-temperature casting. These lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 standard for industrial application, including High Mass Impact and High Velocity Impact.

    Polar HD (High Definition) - This polarized anti-reflective lens was developed for the Lifestyle and Travel ranges, and is recommended for driving and for use at the water's edge. The Polar HD lens offers superior optical quality and optimal transparency for high-precision vision.
  • Eliminates glare and sun dazzle on any reflective surface.
  • Pure, distortion-free visual acuity.
  • High definition vision.
    Zebra - This light-sensitive photochromic lens is ideal for switching from shade to light. The Zebra Lens was developed for the Speed range, and is recommended for mountain biking, cross country walking and running and climbing.
  • Photochromic lenses: darkens or lightens according to the light intensity. Wide range between amplitude category 2 and 4. High-speed activation and deactivation: between 22 and 28 seconds.
  • Outstanding anti-mist coating: prevents condensation and guarantees maximum lifetime for the lens.
    Falcon - A multipurpose light-sensitive photochromic polarized anti-reflective lens developed for the Travel range, recommended for driving.
  • The photochromic lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with the intensity of the light. Protection category 2 to 3.
  • BWS or "Behind the Windshield": sensitive to visible light. The lens will get darker behind a windshield and is therefore particularly suitable for driving.
  • Polarizing: eliminates glare from all reflective surfaces — water, tarmac, glass, etc. — and provides the purest of vision.
  • Anti-reflective coating: reduces eye strain and eliminates interference glare.
  • Oil-repellent coating: prevents finger or grease marks and makes cleaning easier.
  • Copper color: contrast is emphasized, colors are enhanced and vision is more comfortable, making the lens particularly suitable for driving.
    Camel - A photochromic polarized lens developed for the Outdoor range, recommended for mountain and desert terrain.
  • Photochromic and polarizing lens: dual technology!
  • Photochromic: the light-sensitive lens darkens or lightens depending on the intensity of light, ranging between amplitude categories 3 and 4.
  • Polarizing: suppresses dazzling reflections from sunlight on snow and increases visual acuity.
  • Outstanding antifog coating: prevents condensation and guarantees maximum life.
    Octopus - A photochromic polarized water-repellant lens developed for the Nautic range, recommended for water sports.
  • Photochromic and polarizing: dual technology!
  • Photochromic: the lens darkens or lightens depending on the intensity of light, ranging between categories 3 and 4.
  • Polarizing: suppresses dazing reflections from sunlight on water and increases visual acuity.
  • Water-repellent coating: makes water run off the lens. This treatment does not allow a hydrogenous link to form between water molecules. Visibility is improved.

Learn about Julbo Sunglass Glass Lens Technology

Julbo Glass Lenses

Julbo glass lenses are recommended for bright sun, mountainous environments, and open water. Not recommended for driving.

  • Altl Arc 4+ - Anti-Glare + Flash Treatment. 4% light transmission. Protection index 4.
  • Altl Arc 4 - Light sensitivity + Flash Treatment. 7% light transmission. Protection index 4.

Learn about Julbo Sunglass Spectron Polycarbonate Lens Technology

Julbo Spectron Polycarbonate Lenses

Julbo polycarbonate lenses offer a range of treatments and functions. Spectron 3 and higher are recommended for bright sun, mountain environments, and for use on the water.

  • Spectron 0: Clear sight - recommended for cloudy conditions. 91% light transmission. Protection index 0.
  • Spectron 1: Hi Contrast - recommended for partly cloudy conditions. 50% light transmission. Protection index 1.
  • Spectron 3: Mountains, water, sun. 13% light transmission. Protection index 3.
  • Spectron 3+: Flash Treatment. Mountains, water, sun. 12% light transmission. Protection index 3.
  • Spectron 4: Flash + Anti-Glare Treatment. Mountains, water, sun. 5% light transmission. Protection index 4. Not recommended for driving.
  • Polarized 3: Polarized. Mountains, water, sun.12% light transmission. Protection index 3.
  • Polarized 3+: Polarized + Flash Treatment. Mountains, water, sun. 11% light transmission. Protection index 3.

NOTE: Any sunglasses with a Protection Index 4 lens is generally regarded as too dark for driving.

Learn about Julbo's Special Treatments for Sunglass Lenses

Julbo Lens Treatments

Julbo uses uses leading edge treatments to enhance lens performance in each type of use conditions:

  • Anti-fog - prevents condensation and guarantees maximum longevity
  • Anti-reflective - reduces eye strain and eliminates interference glare
  • Burnishing - increases the filtering of visible light
  • Flash finish - improves filtration of visible light through a mirror effect on the lens
  • Water-repellent - makes water slide off the lens; prevents hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules; visibility is improved. Found on water-specialty models such as the Julbo Typhoon Sunglasses.
  • Oil-repellent - reduces grease marks from hair, fingers and cosmetic products such as sunscreen. Facilitates cleaning.
Learn about Julbo Sunglasses Frames Technology

Julbo Frame Technologies

Julbo sunglasses are more than lenses; each model is equipped to intensify protection, stay on in all conditions and ensure absolute comfort and functionality. Specific features are tailored for each outdoor activity. With the shape of the frames, noses, temples, grips and ventilation, Julbo pushes back the limits of the performance levels of its glasses, and yours! Every part of the frame is carefully design to meet specific needs:

    Julbo Sunglass Frame Shape:
  • Total Cover: Maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight.
  • Wrap-Around+: Curved frame with wide temple to protect against harsh sunlight.
  • Wrap-Around: Wrap around shape for a good vision spectrum and protection.
  • Panoramic: Wide lens surface for a broad vision spectrum.
    Julbo Sunglass Venting:
  • Front Venting: Natural front air flow thanks to the lens shape or mounting structure.
  • Side Venting: Lateral air and humidity evacuation thanks to the lens shape.
  • Vario Venting: Adjustable ventilation to adapt to various conditions and/or sports.
  • Full Venting: Aerated structure that allows complete air circulation to avoid fog.
    Julbo Sunglass Nose Piece:
  • Grip Nose: Supple, shock absorbent inset that adheres to the nose.
  • Flex Nose: Adjustable nose piece for perfect fit, with adherent material for an optimal hold in all situations.
  • 3D Flex Nose: Ergonomic nose piece adjustable to any nose shape.
    Julbo Sunglass Temple Grip:
  • Grip Tech: Inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold. Does not stick to hair.
  • Sipe Grip Tech: Supple, sculpted inserts at the stem ends for excellent hold without sticking to hair.
  • Light Grip Tech: Elastomer insert at stem ends.
    Julbo Sunglass Temple Shape:
  • Curved Temples: Ergonomic profile to wear sunglasses on the face or head.
  • Curved Wrapping Temples: Temples shaped and cut for a better hold during sharp and repeated movements.
  • 360-Degree Adjustable Temples: Stem ends bend in every direction, making the sunglasses easy to wear and giving them a good hold when worn with a helmet, beanie, or alone.
  • Flex System: Articulated Hinges at the temples for added comfort for various head shapes.
  • Abshock: An elastomer insert at the hinge, for shock absorption.
    Julbo Sunglass Side Shields:
  • Removable Side Shields: Lateral protection against harsh sunlight, these shields are used on Julbo Drus Sunglasses and the Julbo Dolgan Sunglasses.
  • Adjustable and Removable Shields: Lateral protection, with adjustments to improve ventilation. Found on the Julbo Nomad Sunglasses.
  • Leather Covers: These are the symbol of glacier sunglasses! The leather covers of Julbo Glacier Glasses such as the Julbo Sherpa have protected generations of mountain enthusiasts
    Julbo Sunglass Optical Correction Options:
  • Optical Clip: The clip-in RX Insert is ideal for those who require optical correction and do not wish to wear glasses. The prescription insert can be removed if necessary.
  • Rx: Julbo Sunglasses can be equipped with corrective solar lenses fitted to your prescription.

For 120 years Julbo has been at the forefront of lens innovation and superior optical quality. We carry the full selection of high-quality genuine Julbo Sunglasses! Julbo makes sunglasses for every purpose, from extreme sports to children's wear and all points between. Check out the numerous Julbo prescription sunglasses for sale in our online store as well. We stand by every sale we make with our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. Buy authentic Julbo sunglasses from us and get Free Shipping on every order over $49!

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