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We are proud to carry the Kata brand and all of the Kata Camera Cases, Kata Camera Bags, and their Kata Tripod Accessories. Protective bags and backpacks which are tough, durable, stylish, ergonomically designed, and remarkably lightweight. Stylish carrying solutions for your photo, video, broadcast, lighting and electronic gear.

Company Profile

Nitzan Kimchi and Dror Tishler, founders of KATA, became acquainted with sophisticated military equipment during their service in an elite combat unit. Subsequently, they developed and offered solutions for themselves and other special units for over a decade. In 1992, in response to an increased demand for their products, and following an extended process of product development, they decided to establish KATA. In a very short period of time, KATA evolved from an R&D laboratory to a company that develops, manufactures and markets thousands of products to hundreds of clients becoming a leader in its field. Over time, KATA recruited experienced and professional staff. These professionals assumed key roles in the departments of R and D, Marketing and Management. This core group is the driving force behind KATA's progress. Today Kata is a well known and respected brand in the Video and Photo market, which is distributed in over one hundred countries around the world.

Quality and Standards
Kata's Total Quality Approach

Kata develops and produces carrying bags and sophisticated protective carrying solutions. Their products, which are based on technologies they develop in house, offer unique solutions that many clients throughout the world enjoy. Their products are used by defense agencies, various industries (particularly hi-tech) and the photography business (photo and video). Thanks to their method of operation, which involves production of standard products and concurrent development of various new solutions, hundreds of projects always take place simultaneously at our company. Katas work procedures enable maximum flexibility both in terms of project scope (they can produce anywhere between a single unit and thousands) and in terms of the timetable, catering to their clients' needs. Their products include carrying systems designed for heavy equipment, lightweight protective carrying systems for sensitive equipment, bags and accessories for still and video cameras and for accessories, rain solutions, combat and functional vests, modular bulletproof vests, bags and cases for personal and professional gear and pouches and bags for concealment and carrying of small firearms.

Product Quality Requirements

The high standard and relative edge that these products boast, originate from the emphasis that Kata places on the following elements during development and production:

  • A thorough understanding of the client's needs and market demands, and the translation of these needs and demands into a function, user-friendly product.
  • Kata is able to do this thanks to the extensive experience and special training that their development and marketing staff have had
  • Innovative design that combines human engineering and a contemporary, fashionable look
  • Uncompromising quality and attention to detail
  • High standard raw materials, above and beyond the demands of their clients and the practical requirements
  • Development of new elements and compositions and new ways to use raw materials in order to optimize the performance of our products and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing product inspection in the fields, enabling immediate feedback from test groups and clients and allowing for real time improvements to the product.
Quality Policy

Kata's management sets out to accomplish absolute customer satisfaction to achieve this goal, the company upholds the high quality standards, adapts products to fit each client's specific needs and answers all expectations in terms of price and response time and in all other communications they may have with their clients. As part of this effort, Kata maintains a quality assurance mechanism that follows the product through all stages of research and development, production and supply, and monitors customer satisfaction. Kata complies with the requirements of the international ISO 9000 2000. The objective of Kata's stringent quality policy is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, as management believes that this factor is key for Kata's success. The main methods by which to achieve customer satisfaction, is to provide an adequate return for the customer's money, namely, high-standard products and service. Development and production of solutions that meet the highest standards allows them to express their technological edge and make good use of their excellent team, and contributes to their staff's satisfaction as well. In each periodic quality survey, Kata's management defines quantitative benchmarks for improvement, as well as methods of measurement for the realms laid down above. Kata's management sees our quality experts as representing the clients in all matters concerning product quality. However, this does not mean that all the other team members are relieved of responsibility for the high quality of the products they produce and the operations they perform. The company aspires to strict adherence to quality procedures and policies by the entire team. All kata employees share the responsibility to implement the requirements set forth in the work procedures and to guarantee the quality standard required at each stage every worker is responsible for the work stages in which he or she are involved and which they impact.

Quality Goals

The company's quality goals are accomplishes thanks to work procedures and methods that guarantee:

  • That the different entities in Kata thoroughly understand the client's requirements
  • That they have all the tools that can help them define their client's needs
  • That they develop the best product possible, both in term of functional and of aesthetic design
  • That they choose raw materials and product technologies that ensure an optimal end product, as per the requirements
  • That everyone at the company understands one another
  • That there is a clear definition of authorities and responsibilities of the various entities involved in the work process and quality mechanism
  • That the work process is properly analyzes so as to generate the most accurate cost projections for our customers and for the purpose of price negotiations, and that the entire work process can be fully monitored and documents
  • That everyone involved shares both a sense of responsibility and creative enthusiasm.

If there were no standards, they would soon notice. Standards make an enormous contribution to most aspects of our lives - although very often, that contribution is invisible. It is when there is an absence of standards that their importance is brought home. For example, as purchasers or users of products, they soon notice when they turn out to be of poor quality, do not fit, are incompatible with equipment they already have, are unreliable or dangerous. When products meet our expectations, they tend to take this for granted. They are usually unaware of the role played by standards in raising levels of quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - as well as in providing such benefits at an economical cost.

The Organization

ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 146 countries, on the basis of one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, that coordinates the system. ISO is a non-governmental organization: its members are not, as is the case in the United Nations system, delegations of national governments. Nevertheless, ISO occupies a special position between the public and private sectors. This is because, on the one hand, many of its member institutes are part of the governmental structure of their countries, or are mandated by their government. On the other hand, other members have their roots uniquely in the private sector, having been set up by national partnerships of industry associations. Therefore, ISO is able to act as a bridging organization in which a consensus can be reached on solutions that meet both the requirements of business and the broader needs of society, such as the needs of stakeholder groups like consumers and users.

The Name

Because "International Organization for Standardization" would have different abbreviations in different languages ("IOS" in English, "OIN" in French for Organization internationale de normalisation), it was decided at the outset to use a word derived from the Greek isos, meaning "equal". Therefore, whatever the country, whatever the language, the short form of the organization's name is always ISO.

ISO 9000

The ISO 9000 family is among ISO's most widely known and successful standard ever. ISO 9000 has become an international reference for quality requirements in business to business dealings. The vast majority of ISO standards are highly specific to a particular product, material, or process. However, the standards that have earned the ISO 9000 a worldwide reputation are known as "generic management system standards". ISO 9000 is concerned with "quality management". This means what the organization does to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements and continually to improve its performance.

Design and Innovation
General Information

KATA's Research Design and Development Department provides services for all of the company's lines. The same high standards are therefore applied to all product lines, subject to the specific marketing and functionality attributes. Design and development benefit from the synergy between KATA's different fields of expertise, which complement and augment one another. The company's guiding principles include:

Turning swords into plowshares

KATA was born in the defense world, an environment that sets the highest functionality standards. They use methods, materials, technology and know how that were acquired and proved over time. This experience was the platform that subsequently formed the basis for the design and development of products in the Video and Photo markets.

User-to-product approach

When faced with a problem related to carrying, protection and usage of any product, the first and foremost focus of KATA's engineers is ergonomics. In order to understand the client's specific needs, KATA engineers study the client's unique demands and constraints, which are key to creating a solution that will bridge between the users and the instrument they are carrying and using in the field. They offer our clients an optimal, user-friendly interface that will give them an added value, so that they can make the best of the device they carry.

Unique and standard elements

The different features available on the market do not always provide the best answer for the needs they encounter in the development of our products. Many times, they develop new, unique elements to solve recurring problems. Over the years, KATA has thus created a range of uniquely designed features. Since these elements were designed to be universal, they can be utilized in all of KATA's different products.


The market segments to which they cater are dynamic and open to changes, innovations and new usages. They have therefore embraced modularity as a general concept for all our products. They provide basic tools that end-users can modify and adapt to their individual needs, without compromising the overall design or performance of the product.

Adaptation of production lines

Our RDD (research, design and development) team leverages KATA's production capabilities to provide the best product design possible. At the client's request, they can develop a one-off unit for display at conventions or presentations, follow through with adjustments to that unit and produce them in limited numbers, or start with mass production from the outset.

Functionality and style

While they observe the highest standards of functionality and human engineering, design is never overlooked. They believe that the product styling and appearance should be consistent with user's lifestyle, with no compromise in terms of functionality.

Intellectual Property Rights

KATA believes in protecting individual and corporate intellectual property rights. KATA does its best to develop original products, create new solutions and offer better designs. KATA does its best to fight imitations of designs, patents, and trademarks and any infringing of intellectual property rights, whether they belong to KATA, a KATA client, supplier or competitor.

Unique Features

Kata designed and patented numerous innovations that allow you to carry and operate your equipment with greater ease and efficiency. These details give you easier access to your equipment when using it, and greater freedom of movement when carrying.


Located on the bottom and dangerous spots of the bag, the Toblerones will protect your case from bumps, tears and sudden shock by absorbing any accidental impact your case may endure. Additionally the profile elevates the bag above any standing water or wet spots, keeping your case as dry as possible.

Elements Cover

The provided elements cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions. Simply install over the bag on the black side for rain protection, the silver side for heat deflection, or use as a dust cover. The silver side can additionally be used as a reflector if needed.

Rain cover

The provided elements cover will protect your valuable equipment during rainy and extremely dusty conditions. Simply install over the bag like a shower cap to protect your bag and gear.


TST (Thermo Shield Technology) is a state of the art solution that provides the perfect protection level for digital equipment while creating an extremely lightweight product. It is featured on the important areas of the bag that are subject to shock.


The TST Rib provides discreetly structured protection, where it counts. Located on parts of the bag that are sensitive to shock, the TST Rib will protect your gear from bumps and any unwanted shock.

On Board

Their bags comply with most airline regulations for carry on luggage. Due to ever changing carry-on requirements please check with your airline carrier prior to departure.

Tail Trap Buckle

Ergonomically adjustable curved buckle designed for comfort and ease of use. The buckle locks closed no matter how tight you choose to make it. To open; just push back the trap with your thumb.

Laptop Compartment

Their bags feature a padded laptop compartment which will allow you to always have your computer at hand and easily accessible. Please check the Kata bag Chooser for compatible laptop models.

Click Handles

Their patented handles have been designed and field-tested for sure grip and optimal comfort. For heavier and wider bags, the left side of the handle locks to the right side of the handle for added security.

Tripod Holder

The Kata tripod holder allows you never to leave your important tripod behind. Simply attach to the designated clips on the bag and put two legs of the tripod in the sling to comfortably carry your tripod along with you wherever your shot may be.

Camera Strap

This feature allows you to when carrying a Kata backpack to take the weight of your camera off your neck by attaching your camera to the straps of the backpack. This allows your torso to carry the weight or the camera instead of your neck making for a much more comfortable shooting experience.

Shoulder Strap

Kata picks just the right shoulder strap for the proper bag and equipment to carry. Your Kata bag comes with one of these comfortable padded shoulder straps.


Each Kata shoulder strap fits your exact shoulder grade for optimal carrying angle.


Fits both left and right shoulder, straight down or across the chest.

Cool Carrying

Aeration slots provide excellent circulation and keeps your shoulder cool and dry.

Insertrolley Included

Their bags come with the Kata Insertrolley which is a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to either use the trolley separately or with several cases at once. KATA's patented extendable wheel system helps to better stabilize larger cases. Simply slide the trolley through the integrated sleeve on your case for secure and easy mobility. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it and easily replace it if damaged.

Insertrolley Compatible

Their kata bags are compatible with the Kata Insertrolley (sold separately) which is a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to either use the trolley separately or with several cases at once. KATA's patented extendable wheel system helps to better stabilize larger cases. Simply slide the trolley through the integrated sleeve on any of KATA's compatible cases for secure and easy mobility. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it and easily replace it if damaged.

Modi-Vers Included

The entire internal compartment is completely customizable through the use of the included modi-vers dividers. Protect your equipment while creating custom compartments to fit your unique equipment. You can cut custom dividers to fit whatever size you need to keep your equipment snug. The yellow material makes it easy to find even the smallest components and accessories.

Modi-Vers Compatible

Their bags are customizable through the use of the modi-vers divider system. This allows you to protect your equipment while creating custom compartments to fit your unique equipment. You can cut custom dividers to fit whatever size you need to keep your equipment snug. The yellow material makes it easy to find even the smallest components and accessories. Modi-Vers kits are sold separately and come in various sizes and strengths

EPH System Compatible

Their bags are compatible with the Kata EPH system which will allow you to connect additional bags for extra carrying possibilities. You can add backpacks, torso packs or waist packs to any one of your Kata EPH system compatible bags. See product page to see which EPH system bags can be added to yours.

Customer Benefits

Sophistication, Function and Protection are guidelines you will find in all KATA products. Kata puts the emphasis first of all on you the user. Giving the person and his working needs top priority.

Kata is a company within the Bogen category, known worldwide for the high quality and reliability of its products and service.


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