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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Kata Telephoto Lens Backpacks has been discontinued by Kata and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Electronics Cases, Camera Cases, Camera Bags, Travel Cases categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Kata Telephoto Lens Backpacks Product Info

The Kata Telephoto Lens Carrying Bag has a special padded cradle divider that will fit snuggly around the base of the lens where it joins with your camera offer important stability for your heavy load. When smaller lenses are in use, a stable horizontal divider on this Telephoto Lens Bag made by Kata can be set at the required height and the space bellow used for additional storage. The Kata Backpack for Telephoto Lenses is designed to safeguard your Pro DSLR with 300, 600 or 800mm Telephoto Lens attached, while keeping it as light and compact as possible. The Telephoto Lens Case by Kata houses an internal securing-strap that makes sure the camera and lens are always in the correct place and that their weight is balanced correctly. The external front pocket with internal organizer on this Kata Lens Bag will accommodate accessories, while a large capacity cap pouch holds personal gear and is able to taken off completely when the extra storage is unnecessary. The advanced harness system on the Kata Lens Backpack ensures the best ergonomic weight distribution and carrying comfort. On the bottom of the Kata Camera Lens Backpack, two toblerones are attached to prevent shock damage and to keep your bag above ground water. This Kata Telephoto Lens Case comes equipped with a tripod holder and grants you additional customization by being Modi-Vers compatible. The Elements Cover on the Kata Photo Lens Bag has a side that is black for rain protection and a silver side that deflects heat, so you can travel with your equipment during any weather condition.

Specifications for KATA Backpack for Camera Lenses:

COMMON Components: For All 3 SKUs
Skeleton Material: Aluminum
Interior Material: Aeriform Foam
Exterior Length: 13in
Exterior Width: 11.8in
Interior Main Compartment Length: 8.7in
Interior Main Compartment Width: 8.7in
Model: KT-PL-TLB-300
Exterior Height: 28in
Interior Main compartment Height: 18.9in
Model: KT-PL-TLB-600
Exterior Height: 30.3in
Interior Main compartment Height: 20.9in
Model: KT-PL-TLB-800
Exterior Height: 34.3in
Interior Main compartment Height: 24.8in

Features of Kata Telephoto Lens Case:

  • Elements cover
  • Advanced shoulder strap for ergonomic adjustment
  • EPH system compatible
  • Ergonomic weight distribution

Package Contents:

  • Kata Telephoto Lens Backpack
  • Elements Cover
  • Tripod Holder

Kata Telephoto Lens Backpacks Unorderable Models

Kata Telephoto Lens Backpack for 300mm Photo Lens KT-PL-TLB-300, MPN: KT-PL-TLB-300, UPC: 719821326373, Code: KZ-CC-TPLBP-KT-PL-TLB-300
Kata Telephoto Lens Backpack for 600mm Photo Lens KT-PL-TLB-600, MPN: KT-PL-TLB-600, UPC: 719821326380, Code: KZ-CC-TPLBP-KT-PL-TLB-600
Kata Telephoto Lens Backpack for 800mm Photo Lens KT-PL-TLB-800, MPN: KT-PL-TLB-800, UPC: 719821322955, Code: KZ-CC-TPLBP-KT-PL-TLB-800

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