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Kenneth Cole single vision glasses use a simple lens and timeless frame designs to create a functional, elegant pair of prescription glasses. While bifocal lenses and progressive lenses both use advanced technology to combine distance vision with precise close-range reading assistance, single vision lens glasses use a solitary lens to correct astigmatism and other common vision problems. These prescription glasses can alleviate short-sightedness, near-sightedness, and a host of vision difficulties that fall somewhere in between. Kenneth Cole New York single vision lens eyeglasses are encased in a pair of Kenneth Cole glasses frames, which come in an array of classic styles. Kenneth Cole eyewear features a full line of glasses frames with a hip, urban feel, each of them customizable with different gradients and lens types. Kenneth Cole prescription glasses can give your face an aura of intelligence and respectability while improving your vision at the same time. With Kenneth Cole single vision lens glasses, you can see clearly in any situation while still looking your best.

Kenneth Cole New York Eyeglasses w/ Single Vision Lenses

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