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Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 12'' AZ-12
$8.99 $12.49 Save 28%
Model: Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 12'' AZ-12
Code: 1AW-1K-29176-AZ-12
MPN: AZ-12
UPC: 737826020591
Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 18'' AZ-18
$11.99 $15.90 Save 25%
Model: Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 18'' AZ-18
Code: 1AW-1K-29176-AZ-18
MPN: AZ-18
UPC: 737826020607
Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 32'' AZ-32
$14.99 $19.16 Save 22%
Model: Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 32'' AZ-32
Code: 1AW-1K-29176-AZ-32
MPN: AZ-32
UPC: 737826020805

Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka Product Info

Perfect for all of your sporting necessities, the Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka is likely to make a great item for pretty much any person. Everybody loves summer season aquatic sports, and because of the Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka, there's never been a greater time to obtain one of these incredible solutions. To help verify that you are employing some of the finest water sports equipment on the market, this piece of Water Sports Equipment from Kwik Tek is manufactured using the long lasting and trustworthy resources you have come to anticipate from this manufacturer. Kwik Tek has been in the water sporting market for many years, and the Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka is the outcome of their relentless attempt to ensure that you have the the best. If you enjoy water sports, you will appreciate the Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka.

This easy to operate, quick-filling water bazooka is constructed of high-impact thermoplastics, and will last for seasons of fun. Simply dip Aqua Zooka into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into the barrel. You're ready to fire, with a range of up to 60 ft. Aqua Zooka's are equipped with comfortable EVA handles so that you won't lose your grip, even with wet hands in the heat of battle! The EVA handles also ensure that Aqua Zooka will float on top of the water. Doubles as a bilge pump!

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  • Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka

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Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka 24'' AZ-24, MPN: AZ-24, UPC: 737826020614, Code: 1AW-1K-29176-AZ-24

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