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Labconco XPert Balance Enclosures, Labconco 3930321 Product Info

Labconco XPert Balance Enclosures, Labconco is a reliable and dependable addition to the Labconco Laboratory Furniture and Biosafety Cabinets family of products. Combining top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price, the Labconco XPert Balance Enclosures, Labconco 3930321/ 82010-656 can fulfill your laboratory needs while still offering a great value for the money.

Product Category Description:

These low-profile enclosures provide user protection by keeping powders, particulates, and fumes contained during weighing procedures. The deep 59.4cm (2313/32") interior easily accommodates large micro and analytical balances. The Clean-Sweep* airfoil allows air to sweep the work surface for maximum containment. Airflow openings pull air under the airfoil, creating a constant barrier of protection from contaminants. The upper containment sash foil bleeds air into the enclosure to direct concentrations of contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone. The upper dilution air supply introduces room air at the top of the sash to dilute contaminants in the upper chamber and bathes the back of the sash with clean air. The perforated rear baffle promotes horizontal laminar airflow to maximize containment. Side-entry airfoils allow air to sweep across the interior glass surfaces to enhance containment.

Sturdy glacier white and gray, dry powder epoxy-coated aluminum frame and steel rear plenum and baffle dissipate static charge. Tempered safety glass front sash, sides, and top offer excellent visibility, ambient light, and protection. All models with interior heights of 59.4cm (233/8") have an operating sash height of 20.3cm (8"). The 0.6m (2'), 0.9m (3'), and 1.2m (4') models with interior heights of 80cm (311/2") have an operating sash height of 25.4cm (10"); the 1.5m (5'), 1.8m (6'), and 2.4m (8') models with interior heights of 80cm (311/2") have an operating sash height of 30.5cm (12"). Conservative operating sash heights limit exhaust demand, conserve tempered room air, and require a smaller remote blower than most fume hoods. Ergonomic angled sash allows a closer view, reduces glare, and provides a more comfortable operating position than vertical sashes. The hinged sash pivots upward and locks to a loading height of 48.3cm (19"). Models with 25.4cm (10") and 30.5cm (12") operating sash heights open to 70.4cm (2711/16") for loading. The 1.5m (5'), 1.8m (6'), and 2.4m (8') models incorporate a gas-assist lift. Two utility ports allow passage of tubing and cords. Enclosures feature 5.1x25.4cm (2x10") rectangular exhaust collars on the top and bottom for connection to ductwork or portable exhauster.

Enclosures also feature an optional built-in airflow monitor. If the hood’s face velocity falls below the setpoint for more than six seconds, an audible alarm sounds and a red light glows. The alarm can be muted. On the Guardian* monitor, an LED glows green when the airflow is within setpoint range. The Guardian 1000 digital monitor features an LCD display of actual face velocity and an RS-232 port. Remote blowers 30153-980, 30153-982, and 82010-730 have a 1/4hp, totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) standard motor capable of overcoming external static pressure loss of 0.5in.H2O at 420cfm. Housing and wheel are made of corrosion-resistant, phenolic-coated steel. Blower inlet has an I.D. of 15.2cm (6"). Outlet dimensions are 10.8Wx18.7Lcm (41/4x73/8"). Applications involving high concentrations of solvents may require the explosion-proof blower. Stainless steel work surfaces feature a spill trough. The utility shelf kit has three epoxy-coated steel shelves that can hold a printer, utensils, and other miscellaneous supplies. Shelves attach to the rear baffle perforations of the enclosure.

All enclosures conform to modified ASHRAE 110-1995 standards, SEFA 1-2002 standards, and ANSI Z9.5-1-993 standards. The 115V models are ETL and ETL-C listed. The 230V models are CE marked.

Ordering Information: Items designated below as REDISHIP can be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order. Enclosures must be connected to either one or more FilterMate* portable exhauster (see 82010-632 series), house exhaust, or a remote blower. An optional work surface is also recommended. The 1.5m (5') and 1.8m (6') models with an exterior depth of 93.4cm (3613/16") include a left side-mounted waste chute that accepts bags 21.6x27.9cm (81/2x11") and larger. For base cabinets, see the Protector* acid storage cabinets (46610-412 series), solvent storage cabinets (46610-440 series), and standard cabinets (46610-404 series). To add the optional Guardian Jr. and Guardian 1000 airflow monitors 82010-702 and 82010-706 at a later time, see 14222-630 series. Blowers, exhaust dampers, transition adapters, and gray work surfaces are also available; contact our sales representative for more information.

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