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Labnet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler, 115V TC9610-115
$4,299.99 $5,750.00 Save 25%
Model: Labnet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler, 115V TC9610-115
Code: LB-LP-MGOMX-TC9610
MPN: TC9610
Labnet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler, 230V TC9610-230
$4,299.99 $5,750.00 Save 25%
Model: Labnet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler, 230V TC9610-230
Code: LB-LP-MGOMX-TC9610-230
MPN: TC9610-230

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LabNet MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler Product Info

Labnet International MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler is a state of the art apparatus for amplifying and copying strands of DNA using the proven polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process. The laboratory apparatus' unique FlexTemp technology builds on new developments on older gradient features, creating six different temperature regions in one 96-well plate. This temperature variability allows you to test the same sequence of DNA against different temperatures or designate different samples by color; you can manually choose any temperature you want within a 24°C temperature range, or utilize the thermal cycler's programmable cycle. The intuitive user interface on the LabNet Multi-Gene OptiMax Thermocycler can even be used with lab gloves on, and its 4°C per second heating rate and 3°C per second cooling rate minimizes overshooting and undershooting to all but eliminate testing errors and speed up the process. LabNet International has designed the Lab Net Int'l MultiGene OptiMax PCR Machine to be compatible with PC Viewer software, which allows you to hook the thermal cycler up to your computer, where you can monitor temperature profiles in real time.

Like most modern thermal cycling machines, the Lab Net Multi Gene Optimax Thermal Cycler Lab Apparatus features a heated lid that will press firmly against the lids of the reaction tubes, preventing condensation from forming on the inside of the lid and potentially ruining the sensitive biological material. These particular LabNet laboratory apparatus is fully adjustable, providing different pressure for tubes and trays with different needs. The lid of the Lab-Net International MultiGene OptiMax 6-Block DNA Amplifier is also temperature-programmable, and slides safely away and back from the user when disengaged for maximum safety. With six different temperature blocks, fully adjustable temperature settings, extremely fast cycle times, and a sturdy, pressure and temperature-adjustable heated lid, the LabNet International Multi-Gene OptiMax Heated Lid Thermal Cycle Machine will be a boon to any laboratory that deals with DNA on a regular basis.

TC9610: Labnet Opti Max Thermal Cycler, 115 Volts
TC9610-230: Labnet Opti Max Thermal Cycler, 230 Volts

Specifications for LabNet Int'l MultiGene OptiMax FlexTemp PCR ThermoCycler:

Sample Capacity: 96x 0.2 mL tubes, 128x 0.2 mL strip tubes
Programmable Temperature Range: 4°C to 99°C
Temperature Control: Calculated or block
Heating/Cooling Method: Peltier
Heating Rate: 4°C per second
Cooling Rate: 3°C per second
Gradient (independent) Temperature Range: 30°C to 99°C; set independently for each block
Max Temperature Difference b/w Blocks: 24°C
Temperature Block Dimensions: 4x4
Programmable Lid Temp Range: 60°C to 65°C and 100°C to 115°C
Communication: USB and RS232
Dimensions: 24cm x 42cm x 25cm
Weight: 9 kg

Features of Laboratory Net Int'l MultiGene OptiMax PC Viewer Thermal Cycler:

  • State of the art thermal cycling machine by LabNet International
  • Flexible programming with FlexTemp technology
  • Six different temperature controlled "blocks" with 16 wells each
  • New protocol optimization process with six different temperature regions
  • Different blocks designated by black and blue squares, easily visible on the microplate platen
  • Choose any temperature you want in a 24°C range
  • Fast and reliable heating a cooling ranges minimize overshooting and undershooting
  • Runs protocols quickly and accurately
  • PC Viewer Option synchronizes thermal cycler with a PC via a USB cable for real-time temperature profile analysis
  • Intuitive user interface designed for the laboratory environment with improved ramping speed
  • Interface can be used with lab gloves, even when wet
  • Heated lid is fully adjustable for pressure and temperature, eliminating condensation
  • Lid slides back from user to protect from burns and make all specimens easily accessible
  • Can hold up to 200 complete programs
  • Programs can be password protected

Package Contents:

  • Labnet International MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler

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