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Laser Genetics Laser Flashlights emit a variable beam of green laser light. Green lasers are composed of the wavelengths that are the most visible to the human eye and require the least amount of eye adjustment at night, making these powerful flashlights an ideal substitute for bulky night vision equipment. Mount a laser flashlight from Laser Genetics on your hunting rifle, and you're all set for night hunting. The focused green laser light is less disturbing to animals than large spill traditional lights and it reflects strongly off their eyes as well, making them easier to spot.

Laser Genetics Flashlights have a variety of other uses, too - pretty much any activity that requires night time visibility can be enhanced by Laser Genetics illumination devices. With their adjustable light beams, Laser Genetics lights can illuminate a broad area or focus in on a tight target at long distance, all with the quick slide of a knob. The Laser Genetics ND Laser Designators feature a remarkable light output for the amount of energy they consume. The variable beam lets the user focus full illumination where it is needed, with minimal light loss from "flooding". Laser Genetics flashlights are truly a remarkable tool for night time illumination.

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