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Laser Genetics Laser Designators utilize green laser light, composed of the wavelengths most visible to the human eye. Laser flashlights from Laser Genetics bring true night vision to the field, and are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities, from emergency, home defense, and search & rescue, to night hunting, camping, and boating. Laser Genetics Designators are designed to work with your rifle scope, turning your hunting rifle into a night rifle with the capacity to mark targets as much as 500 yards away. Each Laser Genetics Laser Illuminator features an adjustable light beam that can be tightened for extended range, or widened to illuminate your surroundings. Illuminate a trail or paint a target, all with the same laser scope illuminator.

The Laser Genetics ND Laser Designators have an excellent illumination/power consumption ratio. They also posses remarkable focus control, with minimal light loss due to "flooding". The ND Laser Illuminator series puts you in full control of directed laser light for maximum illumination of the intended object. When the tightened beam is projected it produces an intense light that can be seen for miles, making it useful for signaling and rescue type operations. Or widen the beam to 10ft to create ambient illumination. Green light is the most visible to the human eye and requires the least amount of eye adjustment at night.