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strong>Laser Tech Professional Laser Range finders and Laser Inclonometers with Data Output are without any doubt the finest professional laser rangefinders available on the market today. Optics Planet, Inc. offers the latest laser rangefinders from Laser Technology Inc. on our site Release yourself from the constraints of chains, measuring tapes and prism poles. Let the power and convenience of reflectorless laser technology from Laser Tech take you places you could never go before.

Trudging through dense forests, scaling piles of loose rock, or slogging through wetlands is not the time to be weighted down by a bunch of cumbersome equipment. This is precisely why, at LTI, they design compact, lightweight and rugged measurement tools which are easy to operate. This especially holds true for LaserTech Impulse lasers which measure long-range distances and heights.

Now there is construction tool every one will appreciate! Introducing Laser Technology TruPulse 200 Laser Range Finder. See TruPulse Construction Handout for more information.