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Laserlyte lets you get on target faster with their range of laser sights and accessories. From the Laserlyte Laser Sights, which feature innovative designs for handguns that cope with extreme recoil without damaging the electronics, to the famous Laserlyte Bore Sights, which is extremely bright and easy to use. Laserlyte Sights was the first company to build a laser bore sight, which greatly enhances a hunter or shooter's ability to accurately sight in their riflescope. Faster and more repeatable performance is key to quality shooting, and using a Laserlyte laser sight will give high level accuracy every time. Founder and president Larry Moore has a life long passion for hunting, and he has used his experience as a hunter to help innovate gun sights. The state-of-the-art technology used by Laserlyte makes their products an essential tool for any shooter's arsenal. If you want to enhance your shooting experience be sure to outfit yourself with advanced laser technology from Laserlyte.

From their innovative first ever laser bore sighter to their current line of green laser sights, Laserlyte has always striven to advance the weapon sights industry. Though red lasers are fantastic for sighting at night and in other low light situations, green lasers show up better during the day, so Laserlyte made sure to incorporate the new technology in their laser sights. Laserlyte laser training systems allow shooters to practice their aim without having to fire a shot, which is not only a safe way to repeatedly get on target, but also allows shooters to practice without running through expensive ammunition. And they seeks to make using their products as hassle-free and easy as possible by providing Laserlyte Laser Sight Accessories and Laserlyte Batteries at a low cost and with simple directions to make sure all their products continue to perform at optimal levels, With over 30 years of experience, Laserlyte continues to push technology and design forward for hunters, shooters and law enforcement professionals around the world.

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