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There's no question regarding the quality of everything Leica produces. From the world famous Leica 35mm Cameras and Leica Binoculars to Leica Digital Camera Accessories, the very best Leica Optics are now available at! The durability and reliability of all the great optical instruments by Leica has made them a favorite amongst photography and outdoors enthusiasts for over 100 years. Extreme temperature fluctuations and impacts that would prove ruinous for lesser brands are all part of a day's work for Leica. While Leica Digital Cameras feature many of the bells and whistles found on modern cameras, Leica focuses on the quality of the image and ability of the user to take great photos first, with special features coming only after the best quality image is produced. We have specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding which Leica optic is for you!

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Leica started out as Leitz Optics, and originally was primarily a manufacturer of high quality binoculars and other ranged optical instruments, but it was in 1913 that engineer Oskar Barnack created the world's first practical 35mm camera, which was to be used for landscape photography. The Leica Camera used smaller film than other cameras at the time, so better lenses were needed to get a good picture. Fortunately, Leica already excelled at producing high quality lenses for their binoculars, so they were able to develop a number of different camera lenses, which helped make the Leica the favorite camera of reporters and adventurers in need of a portable and reliable camera. Leica's innovative spirit, premium quality and legendary class is found in every item they offer, so you know you're getting the best from every image, every time.


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