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Unfortunately Leica MP 0.72 Film Camera 35mm, Silver or Black is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Film Cameras category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Leica MP 0.72 Film Camera 35mm, Silver or Black Product Info

Leica MP 35mm Camera is a supreme tool. Handcrafted, created for the photographic artist. This Leica Film Camera designed to deliver the essentials. MP Digital Camera by Leica focused technology for focused photography, without the distraction of automation. It's for making pictures only a true photographer can see, frame and record. Not a quick fling, but the camera for a lifetime.

The LEICA MP 35mm Digital camera in combination with anyone of the lenses in the SUMMARIT-M line. Nowadays, the monitor screen on a camera is the most popular way of looking at the world around us. Often unnoticed by users, this can result in alienation from the subject, as it is the artificial image of the subject that they look at, not the subject itself. Things are very different with the Leica-MP. The act of taking a photograph becomes the vivid and direct experience it originally was, making rangefinder photography a new, exciting and sensual experience in our world of digital imagery. Both optically and technically, the Leica MP Camera has been reduced to what is absolutely essential.

As a purely mechanical alternative to the Leica Analog Cameras from M7 series, which with its electronically controlled shutter and aperture priority mode offers greater convenience and more features, the LEICA M.P. is intuitive to operate and leaves all decisions and settings to the photographer. It is the very essence of precision mechanics, and its development and production are the result of nearly 75 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical rangefinder cameras. This masterpiece opens up a world of memorable experiences from the moment you pick it up. It offers more than just a short-term thrill - this is a camera for a lifetime.

Pared down to the absolute essentials, the Leica 35mm MP Camera is intuitive in operation but leaves all the crucial decisions and settings to the photographer. It is the quintessential mechanical range/viewfinder camera. It's an experience you will sense as soon as you hold this masterpiece in your hands. The Leica MP is ever reliable. It relies solely on the skill of the photographer, and can be operated without batteries. The robust body can withstand the harshest conditions. And its controls are all metal.

For exposure metering, the Camera Leica MP needs two 1.5 volt silver oxide button cells or a 3 volt type DL 1/3 N lithium battery. Lithium batteries are particularly suitable if the camera will often not be used for long periods or to carry as a spare, as they can be stored for years with almost no loss of capacity. The Leica 35mm MP is designed for longevity and to maintain its value. That is why we only use selected materials and employ sophisticated production methods. Prior to its launch, the Leica MP 0.72 proved its solidity in numerous laboratory and field tests. In icy cold conditions where no camera relying on batteries would be able to work. Over a number of shutter release cycles that hardly any other camera could withstand.

Because so many professionals love the red Leica logo, but discreetly mask it on their camera, we have done without this identification mark altogether on the LEICA 0.72 MP. We think it is enough for connoisseurs and owners to be able to identify a Leica by its classic appearance. The Leica lettering on the top plate is sufficient. The Leica MP Camera is available with two different surface designs : silver chrome finish or black lacquer. And if the black lacquer starts to reveal a glimpse of the plain brass at some of the corners and edges after long use, the photographer knows that he has shared plenty of experiences with his camera. The Digital Camera Leica MP has such an uncompromising design that you can always depend on it. The sturdy body stands up to any kind of use. All controls are made completely of metal. It relies on the photographer's ability, not on batteries. They are only needed for exposure metering. In fact, anyone who can estimate the shutter speed and aperture for themselves can do without electronic features altogether.

  • Available Models of Leica MP 0.72 Cameras:
  • 10301: LeicaMP 0.72 Camera 35mm, Silver
  • 10302: Leica 35mm MP 0.72 Camera, Black

Specifications for LeicaMP 0.72 Silver or Black 35mm Film Camera:

Camera: LEICA MP
Camera type: Compact 35 mm rangefinder system camera with mechanically controlled shutter.
Lenses: Leica M bayonet mount. Lens system Leica M lenses from 21-135 mm.
Viewfinder: Viewfinder principle Large, bright line frame viewfinder with automatic parallax compensation. Viewfinder optical system with reduced stray light sensitivity and optimum visibility of all bright line frames. Eyepiece Calibrated to -0.5 dpt. Correction lenses from -3 to +3 diopter available. Bright line frames activated in pairs
Exposure metering: Exposure metering through the lens (TTL), selectively with working aperture. Metering principle The light reflected by a metering spot in the center of the first shutter curtain. The metering spot has a diameter of 12 mm and thus corresponds to approx. 13% of the full film format or approx. 2/3 of the short side of the applicable bright line frame in the viewfinder. Metering range (for ISO 100/21) From 0.03 to 125000 cd/m2 at room temperature, normal humidity and f/1.0. For ISO 100/21 this corresponds to EV-2 to 20 or f/1 and 4s (B setting) to f/32 and 1/1000s. Flashing of the left-hand triangular LED in the viewfinder indicates that the brightness reflected is below the metering range. Metering cell Silicon photodiode with focusing lens to the top left behind the bayonet.
Exposure control: Manual shutter speed and aperture setting and adjustment using LED light balance.
Film speed range (at lower edge): Manual setting from ISO 6/9 to ISO 6400/39.
Viewfinder displays: LED symbol for battery status. LED light balance with two triangular LEDs and a central circular LED to adjust the exposure. Underexposure of at least one stop, underexposure of 1 ⁄ 2 stop, correct exposure, overexposure of 1 ⁄ 2 stop, overexposure of at least one stop. Triangular LEDs give the required direction to rotate the aperture dial. The LEDs flash to warn that the brightness reading is above or below the metering range.
Flash unit connection: Using accessory hotshoe with center contact and / or standard flash connector socket.
Flash synchronisation speed: = 1/50s; slower shutter speeds can be used
Synchronisation time: With 1st shutter curtain.
Exposure metering / metering characteristics: Separate computer control of flash unit or guide number calculation and manual setting of required aperture.
Flash exposure compensation: On LEICA SF 20 / SF 24D, +/- 3EV in 1/3 EV increments or from 0 to -3 EV in 1EV increments with computer control.
Shutter: Rubberized cloth focal plane shutter with horizontal movement; extremely quiet. Mechanically controlled.
Shutter speeds: From 1s to 1/1000s in whole increments. B for very long exposures of any duration, (1/50s) for flash synchronisation.
Shutter release: Two stage Power up (activate exposure meter) - Release Standard thread for cable release integrated
Film transport: Loading Manual film loading after opening base plate and rear panel. Advance Manually with quick wind lever or LEICAVIT M or motorized using LEICA MOTOR M, LEICA WINDER-M, LEICA WINDER M4-P or LEICA WINDER M4-2 (from serial no. 10350). Rewind Manually with extending rewind button (rewind crank available as part of Leica a la carte range and attachable rewind crank available as an accessory). Frame counter On top of camera. Automatic reset after removing base plate.
Camera body: Material Enclosed all metal body with hinged rear panel. Brass top and base plate. Silver chrome finish or black lacquered. Tripod thread A 1/4 (1/4") DIN in base plate.
Power supply: (Only necessary for exposure metering and display) 3V from 2 silver oxide button cells, type PX 76 / SR 44 or from 1 lithium cell, type DL 1/3 N. Battery monitoring by illumination of battery warning display with light balance LEDs (1st level), light balance LEDs going out (2nd level) or all LEDs going out.
Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 138 mm x 77 mm x 38 mm
Weight (without batteries): Approx. 585 g
Items supplied: Carrying strap with non-slip pad (14 312), camera cover with M bayonet (14 195), flash contact shoe connector (14 348) and batteries.

Package Contents:

  • Leica MP 0.72 35 mm Camera

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