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For decades, Leupold Flashlights have been leaders in the field of sport optics and light management. From this extensive experience came the desire to provide customers with the most advanced, capable, and effective flashlights money could buy. Years of design effort have culminated in the introduction of the MX Modular series of Leupold Flashlights, a group of lights that is advanced, flexible, and extremely capable. This growing line of components and lights provides an all new level of performance, no matter what the illumination need.

Leupold Flashlight Technology

Leupold flashlights are designed from the ground up to be modular parts to a complete system. Four unique bezels, running on either a two or three cell maintube, and a clicking dual mode tail switch give you the ability to create a light uniquely suited to your illumination needs. From the simple to the complex, a Leupold Flashlight will deliver the flexible illumination you need, whether you hunt, fish, camp, hike, or work in any type of public safety profession.

Maximum Output and Battery Life

Leupold Flashlights incorporate some of the most advanced and efficient LED technology currently available. High efficiency provides long run times at any setting, exceptional run times on low output settings. Leupold drive electronics are maximized to deliver an exceptional balance of brightness, function, and efficiency so users get the illumination they need for the longest possible time.

Leupold LEDs are bin sorted and carefully selected to provide only the most consistent, natural white light available. The True White LEDs used in Leupold Flashlights produce an optimal 5500 °K to give users a light that the eye responds best to in the widest variety of ambient lighting conditions.

Absolute Waterproof Integrity

Leupold pioneered the waterproof technology in riflescopes that customers take for granted today. This industry leading knowledge of waterproofing and "ruggedizing" has been the cornerstone of Leupold riflescopes for over 60 years, and Leupold has brought the same level of robust design and waterproofing to modular Leupold MX flashlight system.

Modular Leupold MX Flashlights utilize a sophisticated magnetic sensor array in multi-mode models that seals the internal components of the bezel from the elements. Double O-ring protection between the tail switch, maintube, and the bezel provide waterproofness to four atmospheres (132 feet, 40 meters), even with the tailswitch in the 1/8 turn lockout position. The functional submersion limit of 2 atmospheres (66 feet, 20 meters) is based on the level at which water pressure activates the switch in the unlocked position only.

Sapphire Window
Sophisticated switches and advanced LED technology still depend on the rugged protection of the window to deliver an undiffracted, focused beam. For the all important window, Leupold uses sapphire, which is a single crystal aluminum oxide compound. Sapphire is one of the hardest man made substances on the planet and gives the window unrivalled toughness, with supreme abrastion and scratch resistance.
Features of Leupold MX Modular Flashlights:
  • Modular Components

    Build the light you want from the components Leupold provide to deliver the performance you need in any conditions. Modularity provides exceptional flexibility and allows the user to build a flash light uniquely suited to a wide variety of situations.

  • Advanced LED Technology

    Bin Sorted LEDs deliver balanced, True White light that is ideal for maximizing the sensitivity of the eye and providing stunning visibility in even the worst conditions.

  • Advanced Ergonomics

    Aggressive knurling and easy-to-operate controls make Leupold Flashlight ideal for use in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Hands won't slip, controls are easy to reach and run, and the lights balance easily in the hand. Exceptional functionality is the result.

  • Rugged Design

    From the robust, scratch resistant sapphire window, to the double O-ring sealed integrity of the maintube, to the dual mode and lockout capable tailswitch, Leupold MX Modular Flashlights are designed to perform in the harshest environments on earth.

  • Leupold Alumina Accessories

    The bezel is threaded for the full line of Leupold Alumina accessories.