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The Leupold Mark 6 series has everything you'd expect from a top-grade brand like Leupold... and more besides. The Leupold Mark 6 Riflescopes are designed to be smaller and lighter than ever before, letting the user get on target faster. These scopes combine a number of specialized features, including Leupold's Xtended Twilight Lens System, a remarkable system of index-matched glass lenses made to optimize light transmission in low-light conditions. With the Leupold Mark 6 series, you'll get the excellent light transmission not only in the green 550 nm wavelength range - where the human eye is most sensitive - but also in the blue and violet wavelengths that are dominant in low-light conditions. The Mark 6 coatings are specially formulated to maximize transmission of these harder-to-detect wavelengths. The upshot is this: the Leupold Mark 6 Scopes are made to take on dawn and dusk lighting, those critical times for hunters.

In addition to unparalleled low-light performance, the Leupold Mark 6 features DiamondCoat 2 exterior lens coatings, giving these high-quality optics the greatest level of scratch resistance ever offered. And Front Focal Plane (FFP) reticles allow the operator to use the scope on any magnification, while retaining the exact spacing of the reticle features. And of course, there's the stuff that comes standard on any Leupold scope: complete waterproof construction with nitrogen-purged interior, shockproof design, ergonically designed and finished with a stylishly classic appearance. Leupold Mark 6 Riflescopes - you'll be relying on them for years to come.

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