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Range Finders Brand of the Year

Leupold rangefinders are crafted with the specific needs of hunters in mind. The Leupold RX rangefinder series includes RX-I, RX-II, RX-III and RX-IV models, all of which offer multiple, customizable functions not found in other rangefinders, past or present. "The First Smart Rangefinder" is an understatement when you consider all the other customizable functions and features of a Leupold rangefinder.

Most rangefinders in the RX series feature True Ballistic Range (TBR) settings, which will make a huge impact on your accuracy, giving you a much more accurate measurement than the straight line distance to your target. For example, your Leupold range finder can be customized to different weather conditions, terrain, or game. Leupold has designed their range finders to use an inclinometer to measure up and down hill shots, coupled with the ballistics of your projectile to give you the equivalent horizontal range, and for rifle hunters, a holdover/hold under point or an MOA adjustment. By calculating the incline via a built-in inclinometer, the line of sight range to the target and a projectile's ballistics, a rangefinder by Leupold gives bow and rifle hunters with rifle scopes employing Leupold Ballistic Aiming System reticles the correct equivalent horizontal distance for precise uphill or downhill shooting. With a range finder from Leupold, you'll never have to guess about bullet drop or accurate ranging.