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Levenhuk Solar Filter, 80mm 28080
$19.95 $21.95 Save $2.00
Additional Features: fit most telescopes of 80mm aperture
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28080
MPN: 28080
UPC: 6900000280805
Levenhuk Solar Filter, 76mm 28079
$19.95 $21.95 Save $2.00
Additional Features: fit most telescopes of 76mm aperture
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28079
MPN: 28079
UPC: 6900000280799
Levenhuk Solar Filter, 102mm 28082
$24.95 $27.95 Save 11%
Additional Features: fit most telescopes of 102mm aperture
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28082
MPN: 28082
UPC: 6900000280829
Levenhuk Solar Filter, 90mm 28081
$24.95 $27.95 Save 11%
Model: Levenhuk Solar Filter, 90mm 28081
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28081
MPN: 28081
UPC: 6900000280812
Levenhuk Solar Filter, 120mm 28084
$24.95 $27.95 Save 11%
Additional Features: fit most telescopes of 120mm aperture
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28084
MPN: 28084
UPC: 6900000280843
Levenhuk Solar Filter, 114mm 28083
$29.95 $32.95 Save $3.00
Additional Features: fit most telescopes of 114mm aperture
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28083
MPN: 28083
UPC: 6900000280836
Levenhuk Solar Filter, 127mm 28085
$34.95 $39.95 Save 13%
Additional Features: fit most telescopes of 127mm aperture
Code: 1RU-TA-SOL-28085
MPN: 28085
UPC: 6900000280850

Levenhuk Solar Filter Product Info

The Levenhuk Solar Filter is just what you need for your telescope. Levenhuk Solar Filters are made using the special Baader Planetarium film of German make. With them, you can safely observe the Sun without having to worry about permanent eye damage. The Baader Planetarium AstroSolar Visual film provides high-quality views during solar observations. Even at 60x magnification, you can see some details, such as granulation, on the solar surface; at greater magnifications, you will be able to discern the structure of the spots and the faculae. Through the Levenhuk Solar Filters, the observed image of the Sun is of neutral white color.

Levenhuk 28079: Solar Filter, 76mm
Levenhuk 28080: Solar Filter, 80mm
Levenhuk 28081: Solar Filter, 90mm
Levenhuk 28082: Solar Filter, 102mm
Levenhuk 28084: Solar Filter, 120mm
Levenhuk 28083: Solar Filter, 114mm
Levenhuk 28085: Solar Filter, 127mm

Specifications for Levenhuk Solar Filter:

Optical density: 5.0
Aperture of the telescope, mm: Inner diameter, mm: 107
Inner diameter, in: 4.2
Outer diameter, mm: 109
Outer diameter, in: 4.3
Usage: General use product.May be used by kids over 3 years old.

Package Contents:

  • Levenhuk Solar Filter

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