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Levenhuk Space Posters Set, Black, Small 16652
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Levenhuk Space Posters Set Product Info

The Levenhuk Space Posters Set is an awesome way to learn about the solar system. The cool designs of the Levenhuk Solar System Posters will give you an idea of how the universe looks, and provide you with interesting facts about the cosmos. The posters look amazing and captivating, whether on the wall of a teenager's room or in a classroom.

Levenhuk Sun and Other Stars Poster

There are some incredibly gigantic stars in the universe. In fact, some of them are so huge that our Sun would look like a grain of sand next to a rock if you were to compare them. Well, now you can actually compare them with this colorful poster. See what the Sun looks like next to Cephei, Antares, Betelgeuse, and some other well-known larger stars. And yes, Earth is there as well, but it is infinitesimally small. The poster also has logically arranged trivia blocks on the composition and formation history of each star.

Levenhuk Moon Poster

Meet the Moon, Earth's only natural satellite. Ever wondered about the age, weight, and composition of this magnificent creation? Do you know who was in the first crew that landed on the Moon? Or how many expeditions to the Moon there have been? And what the dark spots are on the Moon’s surface? Well, even if you know all these things, your children might wonder about them. This poster will provide them with all the answers in a very creative way. In addition to being a high-resolution image of the Moon, the poster has logically arranged trivia blocks. Unlike many other planets, Earth has only one satellite, and being the brightest object in the night sky, that satellite has captivated mankind for millennia. You will find out about the history of lunar exploration, learn all the characteristics of the Earth's satellite, and find answers to many questions that interest mankind, including the nature of the dark spots on the lunar surface. This poster is sure to interest both children and adults. The information is presented in an easy-to-read format.

Levenhuk Solar System Poster

Meet the Sun, the only star in our system, and the eight planets that revolve around it: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars (the so-called inner planets); Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (the so-called outer planets). Ever wondered what will happen to the Sun in five or six billion years? Or thought about the history and composition of the planets in the Solar System? This poster provides you with logically arranged trivia blocks that answer these and many other questions.

Levenhuk 16652: Space Posters Set, Black, Small

Specifications for Levenhuk Space Posters Set:

Poster Size: 33.1x23.6 in / 84x60 cm

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  • Levenhuk Space Posters Set

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