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aLOKSAKlok Multipak 4 Small Sizes aLOK4-SMP
$12.19 $14.86 Save 18%
Model: aLOKSAKlok Multipak 4 Small Sizes aLOK4-SMP
Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK4-SMP
UPC: 757791546940
aLOKSAKlok Multi Pak 4pk aLOK4-MP
$14.19 $16.77 Save 15%
Model: aLOKSAKlok Multi Pak 4pk aLOK4-MP
Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK4-MP
UPC: 757791469126
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$17.99 $20.29 Save 11%
Model: aLOKSAK Bags 12in. X 44in. 2pk aLOK2-12X44
Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK2-12X44
MPN: aLOK2-12X44
UPC: 757791124421
aLOKSAK Bags 12in. X 48in. 2pk aLOK2-12X48
$20.79 $22.99 Save $2.20
Model: aLOKSAK Bags 12in. X 48in. 2pk aLOK2-12X48
Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK2-12X48
MPN: aLOK2-12X48
UPC: 757791124827
aLOKSAK Bags 16in. X 24in. 2pk aLOK2-16X24
$21.39 $23.59 Save $2.20
Model: aLOKSAK Bags 16in. X 24in. 2pk aLOK2-16X24
Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK2-16X24
MPN: aLOK2-16X24
UPC: 757791216249

aLOKSAK Bags Product Info

The aLOKSAK Bags was created to function as the ideal product for anyone looking for a top quality option. These Camping Gear Accessories through the professional product experts at LOKSAK are fashioned by using dependable and efficient resources, in order to provide you with product that is going to be powerful for countless years. LOKSAK has been focused on providing high end goods for countless years, and the aLOKSAK Bags is the proof of that persistence for their client base. At OpticsPlanet, we make it our personalized obligation to ensure you leave with the perfect item for all of your needs, and the aLOKSAK Bags is one of the various products that we are proud to provide our customers. And also, since you benefit from no cost on shipping and delivery on transactions of $49 or more, there has rarely ever been an improved opportunity to buy the astounding aLOKSAK Bags. To have an amazing solution to verify that you are dealing with some of the very best which the trade is offering, select the aLOKSAK Bags.

ALOKSAK storage and transport dry bags are guaranteed waterproof and have been certified to 60 meters for over 2 weeks. Leakproof products offer unparalleled water-tightness in a recloseable cost-effective bag. Most electronics can be used while protected, make great ice packs and also protect food while in a cooler. Can also be inflated to make a nice pillow or seat cushion.

Features of aLOKSAK Bags:

  • 4 Pack SM: 1 each of 5" x 4", 4" x 7", 6" x 6" & 9" x 6".
  • 4 Pack: 1 each of 4" x 7", 6" x 6", 9" x 6", 12" x 12"

Package Contents:

  • aLOKSAK Bags

aLOKSAK Bags Unorderable Models

aLOKSAK Bags 3in. X 6in. 3pk aLOK3-3 x 6, MPN: aLOK3-3 x 6, UPC: 757791363639, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-3x6
aLOKSAK Bags 5in. X 4in. 3pk aLOK3-5X4, MPN: aLOK3-5X4, UPC: 757791543215, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-5X4
aLOKSAK Bags 4.5in. X 7in. 3pk aLOK3-4X7, MPN: aLOK3-4X7, UPC: 757791234571, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-4X7
aLOKSAK Bags 6 3/4in. X 6in. 3 Pk aLOK3-6X6, MPN: aLOK3-6X6, UPC: 757791260013, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-6X6
aLOKSAK Bags 9in. X 6in. 3pk aLOK3-9X6, MPN: aLOK3-9X6, UPC: 757791290010, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-9X6
aLOKSAK Bags 6in. X 12in. 3pk aLOK3-6X12, MPN: aLOK3-6X12, UPC: 757791261218, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-6X12
aLOKSAK Bags 8in. X 11in. 3pk aLOK3-8 x 11, MPN: aLOK3-8 x 11, UPC: 757791811819, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-8x11
aLOKSAK Bags 12in. X 12in. 3pk aLOK3-12X12, MPN: aLOK3-12X12, UPC: 757791212012, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-12X12
aLOKSAK Bags 13in. X 11in. 3pk aLOK3-13 x 11, MPN: aLOK3-13 x 11, UPC: 757791214153, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK3-13x11
aLOKSAK Bags 32in. X 16in. 2pk aLOK2-32X16, MPN: aLOK2-32X16, UPC: 757791232164, Code: 1CU-ZLB-29205-aLOK2-32X16

aLOKSAK Bags Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review aLOKSAK Bags by Grandma, January 7, 2015
These bags are great for any reason. I have used them at the beach and also at the pool. They keep my phone both dry and free from any sand. I got them for my son-in-law for Christmas and he really likes them also. I would recommend them to anyo...
Most Recent Review aLOKSAK Bags by Rick, March 20, 2015
I bought the 2-pack of 12in. X 44in. aLOKSAK Bags, and I really like them. I have a vintage rifle that I wanted to protect from humidity, so I double-bagged it, with desiccant in each bag, just to be extra protected. So far, it's worked great for k...
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