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Here is a stereo microscope outfit that willout-perform the others in almost every way but price! When your samples arelarge, require super-wide field of views, extra depth of field and/or plenty ofworking distance, than look no further than the SF-50 line of quality,low power, variable magnification parallel path stereo microscopes.

The SF-50 parallel path optical system gains its uniqueness andversatility from five pairs of objectives mounted in a rotating cylinder (GalileanDrum) which yield very sharp, three-dimensional images at magnificationsranging from 2.4x to 47.2x, depending on the magnification of the eyepieces.These optics will blow you away, don't let the price fool you! (Comparableoptical performance from Western European and Japanese manufacturers ofparallel path stereo microscopes can literally cost $3,000-$6,000). 

Included Accessories
Two pairs of 1.25" (31.75mm), fully coated eyepieces are included in thegenerous array of extras that are standard with the SF-50. One pair ofeyepieces has an 8x magnification, and the second pair has a magnification of14x. To make the SF-50 even more versatile, a focusing 8x eyepiece isincluded that accepts two interchangeable, and included, eyepiece reticles; onereticle contains a graduated micrometer scale and the second reticle contains acounting grid. Rounding out this extraordinary stereo microscope value, the SF-50includes either a plain reflected light stand, models SF-50BS and SF-50TS,or a swing-arm boom stand for added versatility, models SF-50BA and SF-50TA.

Please also take a look at the Configuration Table for our SF model lineto see what is included in this great microscope package. As stated above, all SF-50'scome with 5 eyepieces as standard: three 8X eyepieces (two plain and one withfocusing capability and 2 reticles) and two 14X eyepieces (plain). If theoptional photomicrography attachment (#SF-FA) is purchased, it includesan extra 14X plain eyepiece, making it an even three 8X and three 14X. The SF-FAis included as standard in the SF-50TS and SF-50TA models.

The projection-style lamp housing has a built-in condenser system, and may bemounted above the sample in the provided holder for incident light. The 6V/20Wexternal power supply minimizes heat to the specimen and contains aconstant-output transformer. Need more juice? See below under "OptionalAccessories" for more information on how to add 150W fiber optic illumination.

To take advantage of the enormous 170 (6.7") working distance, theplain, black reflected light stand is over 14" tall, allowing a muchlarger range of specimen sizes than all but a few, very expensive, stereomicroscopes.  

Optional Accessories
What can possibly make the SF-50 even more devastating to the moreexpensive brands of stereo microscopes? 150W Fiber Optic Illumination. Nothingcan help these already highly corrected lenses produce vivid 3D images likebright, shadow-free illumination with a constant color temperature from a highquality Fiber Optic Illuminator and Dual Arm Gooseneck Light Guide. The #FO-GDis a super high quality fiber optic dual gooseneck light guidefor the SF-50. The twin arms of the light guide can be manipulated intoany number of positions to reduce shadowing and to have enough illumination forthe most light-demanding applications. The dual gooseneck requires a fiberoptic illuminator, such as our #FO-LS150, and is made in the USA.

What do you want to do with your images? Doyour applications require documenting your work through photographs or digitalimages? Would a video camera and monitor system help you teach with thismicroscope? Then upgrade to the #SF-FA photomicrography attachment, orpurchase the model SF-50TS or SF-50TA, which include the SF-FA asstandard. The SF-FA is installed in between the optical body andbinocular head of the SF-50, contains a beam splitter that eitherdirects all of the light to the binocular head, or 90% to the camera and 10% tothe binocular head for simultaneous viewing while capturing images! The manualfor the SF-FA includes a ray diagram detailing the image path. The SF-FAcomes ready to accept 35mm cameras that are able to adapt to T-mount lenses.(If you do not have a camera that accepts T-mount lenses, then you will need topurchase a simple thread adapter. They are readily available from photo shopssuch as Wolf, or Ritz, etc. and are usually around $10-$15. For example, youwould like to place your Canon 35mm camera on the SF-FA. You would needto purchase a "Canon to T-mount" adapter, and then you can thread your cameradirectly onto the T-mount threads of the SF-FA.) For 35mm picturetaking, the magnification at the film plane depends on what magnification therotating objective drum is at. Therefore, 35mm pictures can have amagnification of 0.3X, 0.5X, 1X, 2X, or 3.3X. The image size at the film planeis the standard 24 x 36. However, the SF-FA also includes a phototubecapable of holding an eyepiece, which enables a second person to look throughthe microscope. Or, this same phototube can accept one of our C-mount and/ordigital camera adapters, which are capable of providing much highermagnifications to the camera. Still confused? Drop us an email us withyour questions.

Want to see what you can do with a LOMO SF-50 Stereo Microscope equipped withthe SF-FA photo attachment?  Howabout some microphotography!

If you do not see some specific accessory that you are looking for,please take a look at the list of LOMO PLC microscope productsthat we offer or email us with your questions.


OPTICAL SYSTEM:  2.4X-47.2X Magnification for observation; 85mm-4.8mm Field of view; 170mm Working distance
BODY * 45° inclined binocular tube for comfortable viewing.
* 56mm to 72mm interpupillary adjustment.
* ±5 dioptric focusing on the left eyepiece tube.
* Rack and Pinion focusing arrangement.
ILLUMINATION * 6V / 20W illuminator delivers sufficient illumination for observation in oblique or transmitted light
* External, constant-output transformer included
* Includes a light condenser and a green light filter
* 3 spare bulbs included
OBJECTIVE High quality Achromatic Lenses 
Built-in 0.3X, 0.5X, 1X, 2X, and 3.3X.
EYEPIECE 5 supplied as standard:
* three 8X (two plain and one with focusing capability and with 2 reticles)
* two 14X (plain)
Miscellaneous * Instruction manual
* Dust cover