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Try repainting your house or apartment. Pick out some brand new colors for your bedroom, kitchen, and den. It's incredible how a little splash of blue here or green over there can change the entire mood of your surroundings. Since you're at it, why stop there? With the compact Lomographic Colorsplash in your hands, you're ready and armed to repaint your whole environment. Everything that you see around you is subject to manipulation and capture through its sharp little lens. Rotate the integrated flash Color Wheel on you Colorsplash Camera or Flash and choose from a selection of colored flash lights to toss upon your subject. The elements of exposure time, flash color, subject color, exterior light, and the manic curiosity of your lomographic eye come together to yield an endless number of potential techniques and outcomes. Remember, "colorsplash" is a philosophy. This is merely your tool to get there.

The beady, googling lenses of your lomographic cameras are starving for color. You only hope to keep them satisfied is to constantly supply a steady diet of all the vibrant hues, tints, and shades of the rainbow. Don't merely rely on mother nature - you have the power to create and manipulate her world of color as you see fit. Who cares if there has never been a blue human being - get out your gear and create one! How about a purple cat, an orange banana, or a riot of streaked, colored lines?

Long Exposure & Colored Flash

Sharp, colored foregrounds set against blurred, streaked, natural backgrounds. Say hello to purple faces, bright red noses, green chests, and orange hands. Look closely at your subjects - the movement of the camera will produce ghostly streaks and auras around them - the final remnants of their pre-flashed bodies.

Long Exposure & Off the Camera Colored Flash

Just because your hot-shoe begs to be mated with an equally hot electronic flash, that doesn't mean that a bit of separation won't do your lomographs a world of good! Separate flash and camera to create new flashed light perspectives - over the forehead, under the chin, behind the head, around the corner, down from above.

Instant Colored Flash

The monochrome effect! Sync your exposure and colored flash at exactly the same moment to splash your image with a blast of pure tinted light. Use stronger and deeper colors (dark blue, red, or purple) for darker and more dramatic results. Use lighter colors to let a little more tonal depth come squeezing through.

Daytime Colored Flash

Who said that flashes are only for the night! Highlight your subject with a burst of colored light during a daytime setting to add priceless mood and content to your image. This is especially striking in dual light situations - where the sun in shining brightly but your subject is surrounded by a light shadow.

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