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Unfortunately Lomography Underwater FrogEye 12ft Submersible Waterproof 35mm Camera is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Film Cameras category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Lomography Underwater FrogEye 12ft Submersible Waterproof 35mm Camera Product Info

Lomography Frog Eye 12ft Submersible Water-proof 35mm film Camera The First and Only - Lomographic In-the-Water-Camera: with or without flash, always ready for action anytime and anywhere there's water: in the ocean, a lake, a river, a stream, a puddle, the bathtub, the shower, or swimming pool, in the village fountain, in the cleaning trough, under the waterfall, in the gutter, down to a depth of 4 meters (12 feet). Boasting a sexy body, a color-busting lens, and a just-at-the-right-time electronic flash, Lomography Frogeye 12ft Submersible Waterproof 35mm Camera can splash through the pool, ride in the car, snorkel in the sea, keep watch during dinner, and fight past the velvet rope.

Blame it On - The rain, the sea, the tub, hurricanes, typhoons, avalanches, and all other forms of accidental and intentional water that formerly conspired to stop our constant Lomography dead in its tracks. With Lomography Frogeye Submersible 35mm Camera in hand or strapped to a limb, your (click!)ing knows no bounds of wet or dry. It is your amphibious companion, a squinty little guy to contribute to the incredible photo diary of your hyperactive life.

So Get Wet - And dive in to the liquid depths of Lomography with the LOMO Frogeye's lens serving as your proverbial "eye to the underworld." And lets you be tempted to commit your images to Davy Jones' locker, or even a beat up shoe-box under you bed, we hereby commission your upcoming work to join the ranks of our Grand Prix Mondiale de L'Aquavision Lomographique , a monthly rally in which the greatest Frog-men and Frog-women are awarded Lomographic fame & fortune.

Specifications for Lomography Frog Eye 12ft Submersible Waterproof 35mm Camera:

Lens:   27mm f/5.6, Water Resistant
Flash:   Electronic, Built-in
Waterproof:   Up to 4 meters (12 feet)
Size:   120x80x40 mm (4.7x3.1.5x1.6")
Weight:   205g (0.45lb) w/o flash and batteries
Power Source:   2 "AAA" Batteries
Film Transport & Rewind:   Automatic
Certificate:   CE

Features of Lomography Frogeye Underwater 35mm Camera:

  • 1. Amphibious Functionality & Good Looks

    + A blessing to behold and a joy to use - inside and outside of the water. Take a walk right out of that glitzy swimming pool, head across the patio, through the lobby, and straight into the grand ballroom. Ensure that you're snapping away a steady volley of continuous Frogeye shots throughout your journey. Though the bystanders around may find your bathing suit and water-dripping body a bit shocking, it is fully guaranteed that the Frogeye camera will not miss a beat: both yielding a multitude of colorful, beautiful images, and looking just as good in your hand whether you're diving off the high board or tracking chlorinated water across the dance floor.

  • 2. The Gorgeous Frogeye Lens

    + The heart and soul of every Lomographic camera. In keeping with our revered LC-A, the Frogeye lens was designed to (A) provide a full, wide-angle view of the aquatic or land-based world around you, and (B) yield excellent color saturation, contrast, and sharpness. In addition, all of this compact lens-power is packed into a nice n' tight waterproof casing - to give you that critical 4 meters (12 feet) of submersion.

  • 3. Built-in Flash w/ light meter

    + It seems that until you're face to face with a hungry stingray or your best friend's neon scuba flippers, you just never appreciate the nagging and often urgent need for an underwater flash. Recognizing this very significant need, the Frogeye serves up a good and strong one, powered by its two "AAA" batteries and tied to a precise lightmeter that tells it when to fire. And exotic fish aside, this flash is very nice to illuminate your land-loving & low-light moments as well.

  • 4. Mechanized Advance & Rewind

    + Manual advance - quite possibly the last thing you want to do during an energetic game of water polo. No worries - the Frogeye has you covered. Just (Snap!) and it goes (WHRRRR!) and you're ready for the next shot. Oh, and when you're finished with the roll it goes (EEEEEEeerrrrrrrrreeerrr) for a bit and rewinds the whole thing for you.

  • 5. Rubber Water-tight Seals

    + Water can be annoyingly persistent in its want to enter even the smallest of available spaces. Hence, the Frogeye is armed with industrial-strength rubber O-ring seals around the back and battery case to keep Mister H2O where he belongs: outside.

  • 6. Pop up "Gunsight" Viewfinder

    + Once your fat diving mask is donned, there is no hope for even the Frogeye's large standard viewfinder. Flip up the plastic "Gunsight" finder, and guide your shots with precision. Note: this is a lot of fun even when you're not wearing a mask. Try it in the kitchen.

  • 7. Neoprene Underwater Camera Case

    + A bright yellow buddy to keep your Frogeye locked and loaded. Strap it around a bicep or calf to holster Frogeye for immediate transport. Crafted in water-friendly and quick drying neoprene.

  • 8. Rubber Wrist Strap

    + Your other friend to keep Frogeye close. The elastic wraps around your wrist or threads through your suit. And, if your Frogeye should happen to come loose, then don't panic. IT FLOATS!

Package Contents:

  • Frogeye Underwater 35mm Camera w/ Built-In Flash
  • Wearable neoprene underwater camera case
  • Reusable beach bag packaging
  • 35mm Film
  • 2 "AAA" Batteries
  • Multilingual Instructions
  • "Underwater Lomography" photo booklet
  • Cleaning and Servicing Kit

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Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Lomography Underwater FrogEye 12ft Submersible Waterproof 35mm Camera by Legacy Reviewer, August 1, 2007
Takes great underwater pictures! At first I was scared that it would break and wouldn't work underwater, but then I took the pictures and they came out great. Also vert easy to upload to a computer. I encourge everybody to buy it!!!!!
4/4 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Don't waste your money... by Legacy Reviewer, July 24, 2007
There wasn't one thing I liked about this took the worst pictures I have ever taken. My entire trip (underwater that is) in Maui was pretty much a wash due to the terrible pictures. I spent 2 weeks there as snorkeling is my first passio...
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