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Rugged, precise,portable LOMO ASTELE telescopes resolve near theoretical limits, yet havethe "muscle" to withstand transportation to mountain star parties orsidewalk viewing. Most models use versatile Maksutov-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Newtonian telescope designs for compact size, brilliant image, high resolution and wide field ofview.

ASTELE telescopes may be a new name in the telescope market, but LOMO designers are among theworld's most experienced in creating fine optics for serious astronomy. ASTELE telescopes now combine LOMOPLC's technicalsuperiority with U.S. advances in lubrication technology. ASTELE telescope instruments focus smoothly on those cold, crisp evenings - the best for viewing- when plummeting temperatures make some telescopes difficult to operate.

ASTELE'S Chicago headquarters headquarters technical teamrigidly inspects and hand-collimates every LOMO ASTELE astronomical telescope before we ship it to you. This procedure assuresthat the beautifully engineered and constructed ASTELE telescopes perform to their highest potential. In actual side-by-sidetesting, ASTELE's 1/2six-inch telescopes frequently out-performed competitive eight-inchtelescopes of similar design! Why? -- Our telescope sizes designate "usefulaperture." By adhering to the most precise manufacturing techniques, weconserve precious light gathering diameter. The result -- a finely finished,perfectly figured mirror --"edge-to-edge." Check us out - you willbecome an "ASTELE's 1/2 believer.

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