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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately Luxottica Eyeglass Frames LU4580U is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Eyeglass Frames category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of Luxottica eyewear has been discontinued and is no longer available. Choose from our current collection of Luxottica Eyewear. OpticsPlanet is the leading online retailer with the best prices on the best brand of Sunglasses, Rx Eyeglasses, Eye Glasses Frames and Prescription Eyewear.

Luxottica Eyeglass Frames LU4580U Product Info

Luxottica LU4580U include the frame and Non-Rx lenses. You can also order from us Luxottica LU4580U with single vision Rx lens (lenses for far, near, computer or reading distance) prepared to your prescription. You can alaways place an order for Luxottica LU4580U Rx prescription eyeglasses with single vision lenses here. If you are looking for Luxottica LU4580U with multifocal lenses (bifocals or progressives), please have a look at Luxottica LU4580U Bifocal eyeglasses and Luxottica LU4580U Progressive eyeglasses.

Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses feature premium high-end frame materials for perfect performance, high quality and comfort. As the leading online retailer of designer eyeglass frames, OpticsPlanet is proud to be an authorized dealer of Luxottica eyewear with authentic Luxottica Eyeglasses Frames and Luxottica Prescription Eyeglasses at unbeatable prices. As an authorized Luxottica distributor, we sell only 100% genuine Luxottica LU4580U frames that are brand new and come with the full Luxottica Warranty in addition to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Genuine Luxottica Eyeglass LU 4580U Styles:

  • A101-5215 Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses: 52 mm Lens Diameter, Tranparent Blu Brown Frame
  • K103-5215 Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses: 52 mm Lens Diameter, Green Tranparent Brown Frame
  • K301-5215 Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses: 52 mm Lens Diameter, Transparent Brown Frame

Luxottica LU4580U Glasses Frames Features:

  • Luxottica LU4580U Frame Material: Propionate
  • Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses Lens Diameter: 52/54/56 mm
  • Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses Distance Between Lenses: 15 mm
  • Gender: Womens

Luxottica Eyeglasses LU4580U Package Contents:

  • New Genuine Luxottica LU4580U Eyeglasses Frames With Non-Rx Lenses

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