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Unfortunately Meade 10" LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope w/ UHTC, Autostar Controller, Tripod 1010-50-31 is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Telescopes category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of Meade Telescopes has been discontinued. Take a look at upgraded version of Meade 10 inch LX200GPS Telescope - Meade 10" LX200 R Advanced Coma Free Telescope with GPS, Meade Autostar II, Meade AutoAlign. Also check other Meade LX200 ACF Telescopes and a huge selection of telescopes by different brands such as Bushnell, Celestron, Vixen, TeleVue, Zhumell and more.

Meade 10" LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope w/ UHTC, Autostar Controller, Tripod 1010-50-31 Product Info

Building on the legendary reputation of their predecessor Meade LX200 Telescopes and the result of a two-year design effort at the Meade Irvine facility, Meade 10" LX200 GPS Computerized Telescopes take previous telescope technology to a level heretofore unimagined. Announced in September, 2001, few telescopes in the thirty-year history of Meade Instruments have aroused such intense interest, or been so quickly accepted, among both beginning and experienced amateur astronomers.

Meade 10" LX200GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope with Meade UHTC 1010-50-31:

UHTC Ultra High Transmission Coatings are an important feature to optimize the performance of your Meade telescope. Technologies developed at the Meade Irvine coatings facility have optimized the visual and photographic performance of Meade telescopes. The UHTC coatings , upon all 4 optical surfaces, result in a 20% decrease in light loss and a dramatic enhancement in detail, particularly of tiny facets and deep space objects. New Heavy-Duty Fork Mounts: All-new Meade LX-200 GPS Telescopes fork mounts are the strongest, most rigid mountings ever made available for telescopes of these apertures. DC-servo-motor-controlled (12v DC) worm gear drives with almost two hundred selectable drive speeds, combined with the Meade Smart Drive on both telescope axes, permit observatory-level precision in tracking, guiding, and slewing.

Precision GPS Alignment: Telescope alignment is accomplished automatically using signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS), a satellite system that enables extremely precise communication to the telescope of the observer's latitude and longitude, as well as local time. Integrated true-level and North electronic sensors in combination with a 16-channel GPS receiver located in the left-hand fork arm result in accurate telescope alignment to the sky at the touch of a button: Just press the ENTER button on the Autostar II hand controller and watch as the telescope measures level, points North, and slews at 8°/sec. to its first alignment star. Magnetic declination compensation designed into the telescope software automatically engages during the alignment process.

Smart Mount: Improves the pointing accuracy of your Meade 10" LX200-GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope's "Go To" system. Despite careful efforts to calibrate and then align telescopes, they may fail to precisely center objects. Smart Mount allows your telescope to learn about, and then correct for any systematic pointing errors, regardless of the cause.

Autostar II Control System: Completely redesigned and updated for the LX200GPS-SMT series, the Meade Autostar II control system includes the widest array of telescope capabilities ever offered in a commercial telescope.

Autostar Suite Software: which includes selecting objects from the planetarium display and automatically slewing to those objects, remote telescope control via internet, the Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI), the creation of custom tours, talking telescope software, and the ability to control all autostar functions using your PC.

Built-in 145,000-Object Library Included as Standard Equipment: Enter into the Autostar II hand box any of the 145,000 celestial objects stored in the LX 200 GPS SMT onboard database, press GO TO, and the telescope automatically slews (moves) to the object at 8°/sec., centering it precisely in the main telescope field. Additionally, the display reads out for each selected object its magnitude, size, object-type, visual quality rating, RA and Dec. Or, let the telescope take you on an automatic guided tour of TONIGHT'S BEST.

Additional Autostar II Functions: Dozens of additional handbox functions, all easily and immediately accessible, make Autostar II the most powerful electronic tool ever developed for the serious amateur. A partial listing of fewer than half of these functions includes: GO TO capability to any input RA and Dec. coordinates; a 200-object user-defined library; event menus displaying the times and/or dates of Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, Moon phases, meteor showers, minimum of Algol, equinoxes and solstices; custom-guided tours defined by the user; standard tours including Tonight's Best; 24-hour timer with beeper; alarm function with beeper sounds at selected times; 16-level display contrast adjust; red-LED utility light; battery alarm for low-battery warning; 7 alignment modes; sidereal, lunar, or any of 2000 custom tracking rates; factory-trained Smart Drive periodic error correction on both telescope axes with field-training capability.

Primary Mirror Lock: This revolutionary new rear-cell system is designed for the advanced visual observer, astrophotographer, and CCD imager. Turn a knob located just above the manual coarse-focus knob, and lock the telescope's primary mirror rigidly in place. Used in conjunction with the Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser the progressive-tension primary mirror lock completely cancels any residual image shift while focusing during visual, photographic, or CCD imaging applications.

Software Downloads and Satellite Tracking: The software included in Meade LX-200GPS SMT telescopes is under continuous factory review; updates to this software are published at regular intervals. Importantly, the latest software version, as well as custom and updated guided tours, comet and asteroid positions, may be downloaded in minutes from the Meade website. Additionally, current Earth satellite orbital data (including the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, etc.) may be downloaded; the telescope then automatically acquires and tracks the satellite at the correct tracking rate. Included as standard equipment on all LX-200GPS-SMT Schmidt-Cassegrain models, the Meade Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser operates at 4 speeds from extremely slow to fast; the entire microfocusing operation is actuated through the Autostar II handbox and powered from the telescope's control panel. Coarse manual focusing is effected through the telescope's manual focus knob.

High-Precision Pointing (HP) Capability: Meade LX200-GPS SMT models permit the most accurate pointing capability ever offered in a commercial telescope. Now you can command the telescope to GO TO an object located on the opposite side of the sky (for example, a distance of 120 degrees in sky-angle) and, in conjunction with the telescope's unique SYNC command, the LX200 - GPS SMT locates and centers the desired object to within a precision of about one arc-minute. HP capability is accessible in either the altazimuth or equatorial orientations. For casual observing such high precision in pointing is not generally required, since even without HP-mode pointing, the LX-200 GPS SMT is capable of locating objects to within a pointing precision of about 2 arc minutes or better.

Control Panel Functions: Use the telescope's control panel for direct connection of CCD imagers and autoguiders; plug in an illuminated reticle eyepiece for photo-guiding, adjusting reticle brightness from the Autostar II handbox; or power the standard-equipment Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser. Two RS-232 serial interface connectors are provided. The telescope's flash memory may be upgraded through one of the RS-232 ports with new software or data as they become available on the Meade website.

Altazimuth Operation: For all visual observing applications, for lunar and planetary photography, and for many CCD imaging applications, Meade 10" LX200GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescopes may be set up in the altazimuth mode - just attach the telescope's drive base directly to the tripod, use the GPS alignment procedure, and the telescope's computer actuates 2-axis tracking that keeps objects precisely centered in the field, even at high powers, during the entire observing session. For long-exposure astrophotography (longer than about 5 minutes) altazimuth-induced field rotation requires an equatorial wedge or the #1220 Field De-rotater, either of which may be purchased separately.

Field Operation: Meade LX200 telescopes operate for about 20 hours from eight C-cells neatly stored inside the fork arms. Alternately, telescope powering may be effected from an automobile cigarette lighter plug (using the optional #607 Power Cord) or from a standard home outlet (using the optional #547 AC Adapter).

Specifications for Meade 10" LX200GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope:

Optical Design:   Schmidt-Cassegrain
Optical Diameter:   10.0" (254m)
Focal Length:   98.4" (2500mm)
Focal Ratio:   f/10
Maximun Useful Magnification:   650x
Resolving Power (arc seconds):   0.45
Optical Coatings:   Ultra-High Transmission Coatings for Meade LX200 GPS 1010-50-31
Optical Tube Dimensions:   11.8 x 22.0" (30.0 x 55.9 cm) WxL
Mount Type:   Heavy duty fork type, double tine
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter:   1.25"
Finderscope:   8x50 straight
Tripod:   Adjustable field tripod (30-44")
Motor 185 Speed micropressor controlled, 12V DC servo motor:   
PC Compatible:   Windows (compatible with Mac only through purchase of third-party software)
Power Source:   8 1.5-Volt "C" batteries (user supplied) = 20 hours

Optional 25' cigarette lighter plug (#607

Optional 25' 115V AC adapter (#547)

Features of Meade 10" LX200GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope w/ UHTC:

  • An 10" aperture gives galaxies detectable colors and splits the most stubborn of binary stars
  • Meade UHTC Coatings
  • Primary mirror lock
  • 4-speed Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser
  • Heavy-duty fork mount
  • Manual and electric slow-motion controls on both axes
  • Autostar II control system with Autostar Suite Software
  • 3.5-Megabyte flash memory
  • Digital readout display
  • Permanently-programmable Smart Drive
  • 185-speed drive controls on both axes
  • High-Precision Pointing
  • 145,000-object onboard celestial software library
  • GPS alignment system with 16-channel GPS receiver

Package Contents:

  • Meade 10" LX200-GPS Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope w/ UHTC 10105031
  • 26mm (96x) Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece (1.25")
  • 8x50 Finderscope
  • 90° Erect Image Diagonal (1.25")
  • Autostar #2 Computerized Hand Controller
  • Autostar Suite Software & LPI (Lunar Planetary Imager/Autoguider)
  • Eyepiece Holder
  • Internal "C" Cell Battery Chamber
  • Tripod

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