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Meade 16in LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope w/UHTC w/o Tripod 1610-60-02N
Included Accessories: UHTC w/o Tripod
Code: ME-TS-LX200ACF-16IN-1610-60-02N
MPN: 1610-60-02N
UPC: 709942500684
Meade 16 in LX200ACF Advanced Coma Free Telescope with UHTC
Included Accessories: UHTC
Code: ME-TS-LX200ACF-16IN-1610-60-02
MPN: 1610-60-02
UPC: 709942500691
Meade 16in LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope w/AZ Pier w/ UHTC 1610-60-02AZ
Included Accessories: AZ Pier w/ UHTC
Code: ME-TS-LX200ACF-16IN-1610-60-02AZ
MPN: 1610-60-02AZ
UPC: 709942500707
Meade 16in LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope w/EQ Pier w/ UHTC 1610-60-02EQ
Included Accessories: EQ Pier w/ UHTC
Code: ME-TS-LX200ACF-16IN-1610-60-02EQ
MPN: 1610-60-02EQ
UPC: 709942500714
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Meade 16" LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC Coatings, 24mm Series 5000 Eyepiece Product Info

The Meade 16" LX200 ACF UHTC Advanced Coma Free GoTo GPS Telescope is a Hubble for your Backyard! Meade LX200 ACF Telescopes bring Advanced Coma Free optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Now with Meade 16" LX200ACF Computerized Telescope you can own what the professionals own. Meade LX200-ACF Telescopes Advanced Coma-Free GOTO Telescopes includes all the field-proven features of the Meade LX200 and Meade LX200GPS Telescopes, including GPS, LNT, Primary Mirror Lock, Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser, Oversized Primary Mirror, SmartDrive, Smart Mount, Meade AutoAlign, Meade AutoStar II and more. Plus, all Meade Telescopes of Meade LX 200 ACF Series come with observatory-class optics crafted in the USA, Irvine, California, and Meade Series 5000 26mm 5-Element Plossl Eyepiece. The new Meade LX200ACF Advanced Coma Free Go To GPS Telescopes are the biggest news in astronomy since the Meade LX200.

Meade 16" LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free UHTC Telescopes are available in the following models:

  • 1610-60-02N: Meade 16in LX200-ACF UHTC Advanced Coma-Free Telescope without Tripod
  • 1610-60-02: Meade 16in LX200-ACF UHTC Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with Super Giant Field Tripod
  • 1610-60-02AZ: Meade 16in LX200-ACF UHTC Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with AZ Altazumith Pier
  • 1610-60-02EQ: Meade 16in LX200-ACF UHTC Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with EQ Equatorial Pier

Features of Meade LX200-ACF Telescopes with UHTC:

  • Advanced Coma-Free Optics: Meade Advanced Comafree design is a huge jump over the traditional Schmidt-Cassegrain as far as sharpness of image, flatness of field, and color. Meade Advanced Coma Free Telescopes delivers the same sharp, flat, comafree field from edge to edge as a typical Ritchey-Chretien. The use of the corrector plate in the Meade ACF system creates a closed and protected optical tube, reduces astigmatism and eliminates the diffraction spikes inherent in the traditional RC design. ACF optical system by Meade perform at the same high level as comparable RC systems costing thousands more.
  • Meade UHTC Ultra-High Transmission Coatings: increases total light transmission and image brightness by nearly 20% over Meade standard coatings. Objects such as stars, galaxies and nebulae will appear significantly brighter. For more information on Meade UHTC, please, click here.
  • Zero Image Shift Microfocuser: allows you to obtain precise image focus with no image movement.
  • Primary Mirror Lock: locks the mirror in place during long exposure astro photography.
  • Oversize Primary Mirror: diameters are greater than their listed aperture (e.g., the diameter of the Meade 8" LX200 ACF is actually 8.25"). This additional 1/4" yields a wide, fully illuminated field-of-view.
  • Meade Smart Mount: constantly refines pointing accuracy each time an object is centered and updated. Compatible with both equatorial and altazimuth mounts.
  • Meade Smart Drive: provides permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) on both axes by learning and averaging error over the course of one or more training periods, thereby minimizing guiding corrections during long-exposure photographs. PPEC is available on both axes and functions in both polar and altazimuth modes.
  • Sony GPS Receiver Sensor: automatically inputs precise time, date, and geographical location to help quickly and precisely align a LX200-ACF Meade Telescope.
  • Meade AutoAlign: Telescopes with Meade Auto Align come pre-aligned. They are smart scopes that know the night sky right out of the box. Meade AutoAlign picks two fail-proof alignment stars for you and places them right in your view-finder. Just center them to fine tune your alignment and the wonders of the universe are at your fingertips.
  • Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller: features "Hot Keys" for quick access to a 145,000 celestial object database. Meade Auto Star II can be updated with the latest software upgrades, guided tours and timely objects like comets free at

For more information on Meade LX200 ACF Advanced Coma Free Telescopes see the Meade LX200ACF Telescopes page.

Specifications for Meade LX200ACF 16" Advanced Coma-Free GPS Telescope with Meade UHTC:

Optical Design:   Advanced Coma Free
Clear Aperture:   406.4mm (16")
Focal Length Focal Ratio:   4064mm; f/10
Maximum Practical Visual Power:   950X (16")
Telescope Mounting:   heavy-duty fork type; double-tine
Primary Mirror Lock:   included (progressive tension) All models
Zero Image-Shift Micro Focuser:   included (4-speed) All models
Eyepiece:   Series 5000 26mm 5-Element Plossl
Viewfinder:   8 x 50mm
GPS, True-level and North sensors:   included (16-channel Sony GPS receiver) All models
Pointing Precision, High Precision Mode:   1-arc min. All models
Meade Autostar II Hand Controller:   included (147,541 object database) All models
Batteries (user-supplied):   none
Battery Life (approx.):   n/a
Slew Speeds:   RA and Dec - 0.01x to1.0x sidereal, variable in0.01x increments; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal; 1°/sec. to 8°/sec., variable in 0.1° increments All models
Tracking Rates:   sidereal, lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates All models
Primary, Secondary Mirrors:   Pyrex glass grade-A
Correcting Plate/Lens:   water white glass
Total Net Telescope Weight:   318 lbs.
Field Tripod Height all models:   40" to 50" variable
Meade UHTC Coatings:   Included

Package Contents:

  • Meade 16 inch LX200 ACF UHTC Advanced Coma-Free Telescope:
    • Meade LX 200 ACF 16" Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with Meade UHTC Coatings
    • Heavy Duty Double-Tine Fork Mount
    • AutoStar II Hand Controller
    • Sony GPS Receiver
    • AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition Software
    • Meade Series 5000 26mm 1.25" Plossl Eyepiece
    • Diagonal Prism
    • 8 x 50mm Finder Scope

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Meade 16" LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC Coatings, 24mm Series 5000 Eyepiece Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Best ever by Legacy Reviewer, February 20, 2012
I have a small observatory with this telescope and ive never regretted it. It is the best way u can spend this amount of money. Pros: Huge, crystal clear, very smooth to adjust or move Cons: Meade autostar need a lot of refinement
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