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Meade #904 25 Piece Prepared Microscope Slides Set - 08051
Code: ME-MA-08051
MPN: 08051
UPC: 709942801002

Meade #904 25 Piece Prepared Microscope Slides Set - 08051 Product Info

Meade 25 Piece Microscopes Slides #904 is a great set of microscopes slides, a microscopy accessoryimage every beginning microscopist needs! Meade # 904 Microscope Slide Set includes 25 prepared microscopes slides of fascinating biological subjects, all of which are different from the slides included with the microscope complimentary slide set.

This Mead Microscope Set Includes

  • 1-The tip of a lily stamen which holds pollen.
  • 2-Portion of a lily in which seeds reside.
  • 3-The reproductive system of a flatworm.
  • 4-Tissue from the throat and foot of a bee.
  • 5-Multiple layered, scale like tissue.
  • 6-Flexible connecting tissue which supports other tissues and organs.
  • 7-Fatty connective tissue.
  • 8-Blood smear of chicken.
  • 9-Voluntary muscle tissue typified by parallel cylindrical fibers.
  • 10-Spindle shaped, contractile involuntary muscle tissue.
  • 11-Elevations on the surface of the tongue.
  • 12-The components of a neuron.
  • 13-Bacteria, cocci, bacilli, and spirilla.
  • 14-A fungus of family Moniliaceae, which when purified becomes Penicillen.
  • 15-Section of a mushroom.
  • 16-Leafy body of a Lichen.
  • 17-Cytoplasm connecting adjacent plant cells.
  • 18-Sections of the channels through which blood is transferred.
  • 19-Fresh water protozoan with oval body and tail.
  • 20-Muscle cells of a protozoan.
  • 21-The stem of a Tilia (linden tree with yellowish white flowers).
  • 22-Outer cells of an onion leaf.
  • 23-Portion of the heart which pumps blood outward.
  • 24-Small intestine.
  • 25-Smooth leaf of a Pittosporum.

Package Contents:

  • Meade #904 25 Piece Prepared Microscope Slides Set - 08051

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Helpful Positive Review Good Set by Legacy Reviewer, December 16, 2009
Thanks to Optics Planet's excellent customer service I was able to pick up these slides for the cheapest price. They were exactly what I was looking for. Pros: Good slides
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